Sean Paul Breaks Down What Is Reggae and Dancehall Music

Sean Paul

Sean Paul drops some knowledge for fans who want to know what is reggae and dancehall music.

The dancehall legend, who is one of the most commercially successful Jamaican musicians of all time, is still in his prime after being in the game for over two decades. Hence why it’s always refreshing to see a veteran in the game drop some gems for the new generation of rising stars. Sean Paul shared a clip on IG from a chat on The Breakfast Club breaking down what reggae and dancehall mean to him.

“When people ask me what I do I like to say, you know, reggae dancehall music, they’re like, ‘what is that?'” SP said. “And I’m like, well, ‘you know reggae from Bob Marley?’ And they’re like yeah, I’m like, ‘reggae is the father, son is dancehall, and as a brother to hip hop, it’s a brother to reggaeton and stuff like that.’ Because it’s all music about people talking about current issues in their life, it’s very danceable, It’s very, what can I say, topical up to date kind of stuff.”

We can hardly imagine that Sean Paul gets that question from anyone since he is one of the most recognizable names in music.

The dancehall star also took time out to send a shout-out to the late Queen Elizabeth II and condolences to his UK fans.

Dancehall has a huge fan base in the UK, and Sean Paul knows first hand since he has regularly tour that country and Europe. So when news broke of the passing of one of the longest reigning monarchs in the world, Queen Elizabeth II, the dancehall legend, took time out to pay his respect and send some kind words to the UK masses.

Perhaps knowing that he would get mixed reactions to his statement, Sean Paul first reminded Jamaicans at home and in the diaspora that our biggest export is our culture. He knows that first hand since he has traveled and performed in many countries in the world.

“As a Jamaican, our biggest export is our culture – thanx 2 other countries 4 welcoming our culture,” the Grammy winner said. “I always enjoy touring the UK & it has become a home away from home 4 me. Death is never easy to cope with, so to my UK fans, friends + family I’m sorry 4 your loss, May Queen Elizabeth II Rest In Peace.”

While Sean Paul did get some criticisms for his post, most of his fan base was in support of his message and thanked him for sharing. “Well said Sean Paul and some shallow minded individuals won’t get the broader message that Jamaica export our culture which includes our music and folks who love the queen and perhaps even the queen herself listen to our music and eat our food, so nothing is wrong with sending condolences,” one of the artists’ followers wrote.

Sean Paul has a huge fan base in the UK and regularly toured the country, including earlier this year when he performed at 9 events, including sold-out shows at the O2 Academy and Motorpoint Arenas in Cardiff and Nottingham.