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Nicki Minaj Celebrates 15 Years In Rap Ahead Of Yung Bleu Collab “Love In The Way’

Yung Bleu and Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is pushing back at critics as she speaks about her continued dominance in the rap game, and she is also teasing a new upcoming release with Yung Bleu.

Nicki Minaj has had an unbeatable streak since the year started, with several of her tracks and collaborations hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the U.S iTunes Chart. On Sunday, she shared that she has a new track with singer Yung Bleu, who now just goes by Bleu to be released.

The song “Love In The Way” is set to be released this coming Friday. “You dumb b*tch, you BLEU it F R I D A Y #LoveInTheWay,” she tweeted.

If there was ever a time that one questioned whether she is truly the Queen of Rap, now is not the time as the certified hitmaker has proved her worth in gold.

On Saturday, Minaj reflected on her journey as she also hit out at the past rumors that she needed a ghostwriter to make her hits.

“Me running sh*t 15 years later after corporate giants & machines used lab rats to bring me down but then I pushed out #PapaBear & got back in the game b/c I don’t need to wait for ghost writers to finish getting they dick sucked I can just go in with Juice & rattle the culture,” she wrote in a tweet, accompanied by a meme.

Minaj took a break in September 2020 after giving birth. She was pregnant when she released her collab with A$AP Ferg, “Move Ya Hips.” She was also nine months pregnant when she hopped on Sada Baby’s “Whole Lotta Choppas” remix.

While she was absent for 2020, she came back with a bang in February 2021, proving that being a mother, wife, and superstar rapper was still possible.

Minaj’s latest release, “Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix),” with several upcoming female rappers, has received wide praise from many hip hop fans. Minaj had a message for her critics.

“Me, @KatieGotBandz @BIABIA @ThegirlJT @MaliibuMiitch @iamakbarv running sh*t on the #queenMix while btchs talk sh*t in the group chats & ask they fave bloggers to say mean things about us while pretending not to see these hoes talking slick & bullying the bad guy,” the tweet read.

Minaj also took the opportunity to send out a few shady tweets directed at no named person.

“The most dangerous decision in life you can ever make is choosing the wrong side. Y’all don’t watch superhero movies? Evil prospers for most of the movie but never wins. The evil stepsisters were loving life…until they weren’t. Everything done in the dark. EVERYTHING,” she wrote.