Kanye West Names WizKid & Tems ‘Essence’ Best Song In History Of Music

WizKid, Tems

Kanye West says Afrobeats hit “Essence” is the best song in all of music’s history.

Ye is being schooled by fans of music after boldly claiming that “Essence” by Wizkid featuring Tems is “the best song in the history of music to date.” Over the weekend, Kanye West was in a flurry as he shared several posts about different things, some about his family life and others about his business relationships, on Instagram.

During his onslaught of attacks against Adidas and many of their executives, Kanye West paused some of his posts that declared war on Adidas to give praise to the Nigerian duo for their hit song. “Best song in the history of music to date,” he captioned a screenshot of him listening to “Essence” on Apple Music.

Both Nigerian artists reposted Kanye’s praise on their Instagram Stories, while many of Kanye’s fans also co-signed him. The track is from WizKid’s Grammy-nominated ‘Made In Lagos’ album. The track is now a global hit having at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and making history for the Nigerian artist as the first Nigerian song on the chart.

The song is also certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). An official remix featuring Justin Bieber was later released, while DaBaby also put his spin on the Afrobeats record.


The rapper also went on a music round-up as he showed love for DJ Khaled’s latest ‘God Did’ mainly for the title of the album, which is religious, and for his close friend Future’s “WAIT FOR U,” which he says are the best songs of 2022 so far.

“Song of the year next to Wait For You,” he wrote captioned a screenshot of the track that features Jay-Z, who has a 4-minute verse, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, John Legend, and Fridayy.

Meanwhile, many of Wizkid’s fans were quick to agree with Kanye as they gave Wizkid his flowers.

“Kanye West via IG called Essence the best song ever made in history,” one of the Nigerian star’s fans wrote. “This is the song that changed the game for African music industry. Same songs some zombies & baboons were trying to compare. Wizkid’s cultural impact will never be forgotten. He’s the goat.”

Other fans, however, felt that Kanye was way off as some pointed out many classics from artists like Bob Marley, the Beatles, and many others who have all gifted the world equally great music.

“Essence is a really good song (cause Tems killed it of course) but sincerely. Its not the best song in the history of music let’s not be deceiving ourselves,” one person said.

“I think the comment on the song is subjective,” another person said.

“Saying Essence is the best song in the history of music to date is a major derogatory comment on the industry. Bullsh*t,” another person said.