Busy signal Shares His Jamaica Pride When Traveling In Calls For Peace

Busy Signal

Veteran dancehall artist, Busy Signal, has one wish for Jamaica, and that is that there will be peace on the island. As Jamaicans get ready to celebrate the nation’s diamond jubilee, this dream has come even more into focus.

The “One More Night” deejay made the comments during a recent interview with the Star.

He added that even though that wish may seem impossible right now, especially with violent crime on the rise, he prays for a peaceful Jamaica. While it may seem somewhat unattainable at the moment, he added that it’s a matter of putting positive vibes out into the universe.

His dream extends to seeing a Jamaica without the numerous amount of crimes, senseless violence, and altercations.

The latest data shows that there have been 968 murders between January 1 and August 22 in Jamaica.

The “Come Over” artists also shared that it was not just about the violent crimes but that there are other socioeconomic changes that have to take place before Jamaica can realize its fullest potential. He added that one of the issues that must be addressed is true equality.

“I just want equality as well not just upper class. I want equality for all classes of Jamaicans. We should just be comfortable and enjoy the paradise that we have pon di rock, our little island Jamaica, that’s very great,” he said.

It may be because his illustrious career has taken him around the world that he has a different perspective on the issues that Jamaica is currently facing.

Busy Signal admitted that having the opportunity to travel the globe has helped him to better understand how Jamaicans are perceived. The dancehall veteran said that sometimes people may say negative things, but in the end, he’s noticed that no matter what being Jamaican is a thing filled with pride.

The distinction makes every Jamaican unique because they are different from any other place in the world, he continued.

“You come from [the] USA, you come from Canada, you come from England, it’s not that feeling you get when a person asks, ‘You’re a Jamaican?’ When you go to Madagascar, or different parts of Africa, or just different parts of the world, and people find out that you’re Jamaican, it’s just that type of distinctive difference,” he added.

Busy Signal, whose real name is Reanno Devon Gordon, is a born and bred Jamaican who was born in St Ann and grew up in several areas around the island, including Tivoli Gardens and Spanish Town. He’s been in the competitive dancehall genre since 2005 and has been able to maintain a very successful career.

The “Dreams of Brighter Days” singer revealed that he is working on new music but did not let on too much about what he had in store for his fans.

One of his latest projects was a single called “Big Up Jamaica” in collaboration with Red Stripe for its Jamaica 60 campaign. Busy recently released two new singles, “Old School New School” and “Feeling,” with Oryane and Blaiz Fayah.

His wish for a peaceful and prosperous Jamaica is probably echoed by all living on the island who are hoping that the recent spate of violence will soon dissipate.