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Busta Rhymes Goes Off On Female Fan Trying To Grab Him On Stage

Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes wasn’t having it when a female fan tried to grab him on stage.

The rap legend is at it again as he popped a female fan for attempting to touch him while performing. The rapper was performing at a recent concert in New York City when the fan made the mistake of reaching for his hand. Busta Rhymes then went off on the woman and insulted her male partner in a rant that has now gone viral.

The rapper can be seen performing his hit single “Touch It” when the woman who is within less than a foot of the stage reached out to touch him. He can be seen spanking her hand before going into a rant.

At first, the rapper asks the crowd to back up off of the stage before he addresses the woman and the man. The woman can be seen holding her hand in the video. “Yo shorty, you with your man right?” Busta Rhymes asked.

Busta Rhymes then turns to the man who is alerted by him addressing them. “That’s your girl? What kinda sh*t you on letting her continue to grab me up. I’m a grown man, I’ll f*** your girl. But I don’t wanna f*** your girl, I got a good woman at home,” he went on to tell the man.

“Tame your girl. This is a weird thing. She touched me and sh*t. Ya’ll got ya’ll little funny a** camera phones and sh*t and I don’t agree with that. I’m not with it,” he added.

The video has since gone viral, with fans weighing in that the rapper, who has previously been in tiffs with fans in 2015, 2017, and 2019, was being extra.

“He didn’t have to disrespect that man like that tho smh because of what she did that was crazy,” one person said on Instagram.

“Busta Rhymes better hope when that lady sobers up, that she don’t sue him for defamation. That lady did not grope you. Lisa Bloom and her mother probably already on the case,” another person said.

“Did I miss something ? I didn’t see her “grope” him. Her hand never reached him. He slapped it before she could make contact . It was super extra of him to stop the performance, keep the show going,” another added.