Shenseea and Skillibeng Makes It ‘Rain’ Cash In A Lamborghini – Video

Skillibeng Shenseea
Skillibeng, Shenseea

Shenseea and Skillibeng dropped the visuals for their new collaboration, “Rain,” on Monday as Shenseea showed off her rapping skills in the new track.

The two artists have grown closer professionally over the last few months as both pursue parallel careers in the hip-hop space. Just months before, both Shenseea and Skillibeng were budding artists in Jamaica, but their dedication to the craft has paid off as they float along together in “Rain.”

The track was released on July 29, and Shenseea announced on Monday, August 22, 2022, that the visual was ready. In a snippet shared on her Instagram account, Shenseea embodies fire in a teaser for the song.

“When mi silent, mi do damages, Can’t get long, cause dem affi watch the pitch, man wi kill fi me cau dem know mi nah go snitch,” Shenseea raps in the teaser showing her in an orange bodysuit with fire make eye make-up with Skillibeng in one scene with her.

Shenseea had previously indicated that she would be deejaying/ rapping on the track in a different teaser shared weeks ago. While the beat for the track is hip hop driven, the track and lyrics keep true to authentic to dancehall as Shenseea spits over the riddim.

In another teaser, Shenseea gets bold with her lyrics as she stakes her claim. “I’m a rich b**ch, not a simple b**ch, Swipe mi own card and check mi wish list, See, I might scam a n***a, I’m ambitious, but I don’t sell pu**y God’s my witness, Nah beef wid a b**ch about a d**k. Too much mon ah road mi can pick, This gyal love n***as who trick But yute?” she asked in another verse she teased in late July.

The snippet was well-received, with her manager Dizzycleanface showing support as well as many fans, including Winnie Harlow and her Shen Yeng, including Skillibeng’s E-Syde fans. “Fully eastsyde di thing deh,” one Skillibeng fa wrote. The comment section was inundated with fire emojis and heart eyes.

This is Shenseea and Skillibeng’s first track together after what appeared to be beef between the two artists. Fans had previously speculated that the two Jamaicans were not on good terms after Skillibeng had name-dropped Shenseea in one of his tracks where she referenced her “Lick” collaboration in his song “Love Handles.”

“Mi wi dead fi yuh, yuh nuh have ten man a touch yuh one time like Shenseea,” Skillibeng had rapped, but all seemed well with the two since then.

Skillibeng had also withdrawn the song and amended the lyrics shortly after its release. The deejay excluded Shenseea’s name from the track after fans began speculating that there was bad blood between the two.