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Yung Miami & Diddy Shares Cute Sing Along In Matching Outfit On Private Jet

Diddy Yung Miami
Diddy, Yung Miami

Yung Miami and Diddy appear to be heading out on another vacation as the couple recently shared a video of them vibing to Diddy’s new song “Gotta Move On.”

The City Girls rapper shows off that she knows all the words of the song as she sings along with Diddy. The couple wore matching white shirts and white bucket hats, with Yung Miami wearing green framed designer sunglasses.

The pair were seen on Saturday night on stage during a performance by Yung Miami. Miami put on a show for her fans as she twerked on Diddy.

The couple was recently on a family vacation in Italy, although they did not officially confirm they were on vacation. However, Miami was seen bathing in a top deck pool on Diddy’s luxury $6 million yacht, which docked on the coast of Italy.

A drone video showed Yung Miami walking out of the pool while Beyoncé’s “Alien Superstar” from her latest album, ‘Renaissance,’ played in the background. Diddy had also shared that he was in Capri, Italy, with his three daughters and his son Quincy who joined in the fun.

Diddy and Yung Miami confirmed that they were dating months ago. Still, there have been speculations that the couple was allegedly in a “PR” relationship to revive Diddy’s non-existent music “career,” especially as he signals that his R&B label Love Records is back to rescue a dying genre of music.

In their ‘Caresha Please’ interview, Diddy confirmed that the two went on dates and traveled together, but he refused to say they were in a relationship as he was still dating. Since then, Diddy has been spotted several times out and about with another caucasian woman. The woman can be seen ducking and hiding in several videos whenever the camera points at her. At the same time, a recent video surfaced last week showing Diddy surrounded by a group of women but lowered his head not to be seen by the camera.

Caresha had denied that she and Diddy were in a publicity relationship in a tweet on July 16. Yung Miami also said her haters are just jealous of her relationship.

In the meantime, Diddy seems to be enjoying the attention he has been getting after declaring that R&B music is “dead” and his new label is here to rescue it. The Bad Boy CEO shared a video on Sunday showing him dancing to his latest song. He also left another post on Instagram where he said he wants to create R&B music that will make people dance and have a great time compared to what they do now with existing R&B music.