Popcaan Blast Kingston Fest Promoter Over Sound Problems


Popcaan had strong words for the promoters of the Kingston Music Fest held in Toronto on Sunday, August 8th, after the show had several problems leaving fans hurt and displeased.

According to concert-goers who shared their experience on Tik Tok, the event lacked security and was not organized well. Things quickly bubbled and led to a mini stampede after persons from general admission pushed down a barrier and ran into the VIP section.

Many fans who also bought VIP tickets for $250 asked for a refund because of their experience, while others said that the festival kept selling drink tickets, but their bars were not stocked and did not even have chasers or water. Aside from many persons fainting due to the event, some festival-goers also claimed that the event had set up several rules before the event started, which is that fans were not allowed to walk with umbrellas or raincoats despite the weather forecast advising that there was going to be a chance or thunderstorms.

Even Popcaan, who was visibly upset while on stage, shared his displeasure at the organizers as he spoke up for his fans.

“Hear mi a say now, yuh zeet, to the promotion team fi da concert ya now, make me talk to oonu clear. A lot of my fans vex and angry because the promotion ah f***kery So hear wha now, yuh see when yuh book superstar pon show make sure oonu fix every bumboclaat thing, right, you hear that!” an angry Popcaan said.

Some concert-goers said that Popcaan became aware of the disorganization and refused to perform until the issues with the venue, including the sound problems, were sorted out. The artist told the promoters that he was very disappointed, but knowing his fans were also disappointed, he still decided to perform even though he wanted to leave.

“Listen to me again! you see all a dem hardworking, independent people yah, weh pay dem money for da bumbo****t show ya, Oonu disappoint them and disappoint me. If a never fi them mi gah mi yard, and oonu fi know that,” the artist said.

“Fix up oonu bumboclaat self,” Popcaan left a caution as he then went on to perform.

The promoters for Kingston Fest have not responded yet, and the city of Toronto has also not addressed the lax security measures at the event, even though some fans say they have reported it to the police.