Fans Chant Boo During Shenseea & Skillibeng Sets At Kingston Fest Over Sound Problems

Skillibeng Shenseea
Skillibeng, Shenseea

Fans started booing during Skillibeng and Shenseea’s sets at Kingston Music Festival on Sunday in Toronto as the pair separately performed at the event marred by sound problems.

The two artists caught flack from fans due to the disorganization by the event organizers, who have been accused of not putting proper security measures in place, leading to patrons pushing down a fence separating general admission from the VIP section. To be clear, the problems were not of the artistes fault but appears to be on the part of the event producers.

A video shared on Tik Tok users showed the fence falling and patrons getting trampled on as others behind ran into the VIP section was separated by a large space. There were also light and sound issues during Shenseea and Skillibeng’s performance leading to fans not hearing them.

On Tik Tok, a user shared a video showing fans at the back chanting “we can’t hear, we can’t hear,” while the two artists were on the stage. “I wanted to see Skillibeng so bad and could barely hear him. They need to apologize to him Rs and Shenseea too,” one person said.

Another woman who vented about the event claimed that it was highly disorganized to the point that the sound engineer took three hours to get to the venue to fix the sound, and he was only able to fix it in time for Popcaan’s performance.

“Coming there at 6 o clock, the event started at 1 o clock, there is no water, no chasers… you couldn’t have sent one of your bartenders to go to Walmart to pick up some water? It’s one of the hottest days of the summer,” the woman vented.

“Mans can’t hear, Skillibeng, Big international artist Skillibeng, Popcaan, Shenseea and Chronic Law – the man Chronic Law came for the first time to Toronto and this is how you treat him? You put your guests at risk,” the woman said.

A video of Skillibeng on stage was also disrupted by patrons who boo’ed the artist off the stage.

“Toronto boo’ed Skillibeng off the stage because his mic wasn’t working. We waited HOURS to see him perform,” one Tik Tok user said.

In the video, the artist is seen on stage wearing camouflage pants and black t-shirt singing, but he appears to stop mid-performance as he acknowledges the fans who were shouting, “we can’t hear, we can’t hear,” at him.

Other videos showed Skillibeng on stage, but the audio was not loud enough. The artist’s background music seemed to be playing, but sounds from his mic were heard.

“Kingston Music Festival…one of the worst events this whole year, worse experience ever,” one person wrote.

In the meantime, attendees at the event, which was held in North York, are demanding refunds from the organizers.

In the meantime, Popcaan, who also performed at the venue, used his set to criticize organizers for their poor efforts as he referenced the fact that his hardworking fans paid good money to go to the event and deserved better. The artist said he wanted to leave but decided to stay and perform for his fans.

Kingston Music Fest organizers have not publicly addressed the issues raised.


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