Skeng Focusing On Wellness After Recent Health Scare


Skeng channels his focus on his health after he recently hit the pause button due to exhaustion and dehydration.

One of dancehall’s fastest rising stars, Skeng, has been ordered to rest before returning to the stage. The information comes following his recently canceled performance at Dream Weekend. According to the organizers of the show, the “Protocol” deejay was deemed medically unfit to get on stage.

Skeng’s co-manager and music consultant, Cara Vickers, confirmed the information with The Star. She shared that the 21-year-old artist was extremely disappointed that he could not entertain his fans but also realized that his health was of paramount importance.

Vickers revealed that before the performance Skeng, whose real name is Kevon Douglas, admitted that he was not feeling well and that he was concerned about it. She added that he might have been feeling drained because of how many back-to-back performances he had in recent times. Thankfully, in the end, it turned out to be dehydration.

Vickers revealed that the “Life Changes” deejay is feeling much better and should be performing in a show in Grenada with Shaneil Muir next Saturday.

Skeng’s rise to the top has been fast, and he has been requested for performances worldwide since the beginning of 2022. Vickers went on to explain that he has been traveling since the start of the year, including places around the globe like the US, UK, and all over the Caribbean region.


She further explained that the busyness of his schedule and the fact that he was constantly waking up in different time zones had negatively impacted his sleep schedule.

That being said, she added that he is a hard worker and fully committed to seeing his dream of dominating in dancehall. With this goal in mind, he is fully aware that he must put in the long hard hours and make the sacrifices that many fans don’t see, Vickers shared.

“If Skeng starts something, he has to finish and he records up to four songs in one session [so] for every hit that goes out through public speakers, him dash down three or more songs in one session. I guess it has taken a toll,” she said.

On top of his desire to put out great music, he is also committed to his onstage performance. That means long and hard hours of back-to-back rehearsals for shows. Vickers shared that part of Skeng’s practice even includes exercising to have proper breathing techniques.

To this end, he is not taking his health for granted and has been focusing on eating on time but may have forgotten somewhere along the line to keep himself hydrated between studio time and performing live.

It seems that the young artist has quite a work ethic as well. Vickers revealed that even though he was ordered to rest by his doctor, he still wanted to record, which is made easier for him because he has access to two in-house studios.

Following his upcoming performance next weekend, he intends to take September and October to rest and record.

Vickers also revealed that Skeng is working on an EP and is now in talks with international female rapper Nicki Minaj about future collaborations. She also disclosed that there might also be a few European and British collaborations in the near future.

She added that the team is committed to helping him realize his dream, but he must rest when needed.