Wendy Williams Says She Got Married To NYP Police, Rep Calls It Cap

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams

Is Wendy Williams married to a New York Police Department police officer she said name Henry?

Wendy Williams says she has re-married. Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked revealed in a report on Tuesday night that Wendy had re-married for the third time to a mystery man that Wendy has never revealed. Little details were shared about the wedding, which came as a shock to many fans who had not known that Wendy had been dating because she has been battling alleged illness and other problems in her personal life leading to her namesake show being canceled.

According to Lee, Wendy Williams revealed that she got married to a gentleman whose name is Henry, and he is reportedly a New York Police Department officer. No official confirmation has come from Wendy, but she and Lee are close friends, so fans on social media believe the report.

Wendy also updated Lee on her financial woes with Wells Fargo, noting that she is still dealing with the financial situation and that her Amex account stopped working. However, according to Wendy, her friends William Selby and others are assisting her in maintaining access to one of her accounts.

The former talk show host also told Lee that she is also experiencing family drama issues. She did not call names, but Wendy and her brother have not been on the best of terms in recent times as he has often revealed confidential information about her health to the media. In one instance, he alleged that his sister had dementia which led to her cutting him off. It’s unclear if the statements by her brother might have contributed to the bank freezing her money and applying for a conservatorship to ensure that her monies aren’t squandered.

Wendy noted that she ensured that her team kept her family away from the wedding. Only her 21-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr., was invited to the wedding.

While some found the report incredulous, a former intern for Wendy called in on the Gagging with Jason Lee show and claimed to have seen Wendy travel through the airport with her now husband.

The former intern said she had seen Wendy and the tall, dark, and handsome man along with her son traveling in December to Miami.

Wendy Williams was previously married to Kevin Hunter in 1997, but they divorced in 2019 after Hunter cheated on her and fathered a child outside of their marriage.

Wendy was also married before to Bert Grigorie from 1994-1995. The couple had dated from 1992-1994. They were only married for five months.

Wendy Williams rep denies marriage claims

In a new report by Page Six, Williams’ rep William Selby says the marriage claims by the former Talk Show host are not true.

“She is excited about a new relationship and probably got carried away in conversation,” Selby said while declining to share details about Williams mystery NYPD boyfriend.