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Nicki Minaj Offered Woman Job Whose Photo Was Used By Fake Assistant Account

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

The journalist whose photo was used on a fake account to “spill tea” on the rapper’s life and alleged misdeeds has been offered a job to work with Nicki Minaj should she ever need one.

Over the weekend, a fake account claiming to be Minaj’s former assistant shared several allegations against the rapper, including her son’s name, which she has kept a secret, and other outrageous claims that she owes the IRS $173 million since 2016 and grave allegations of abuse and sexual harassment by her husband Kenneth Petty towards Minaj and her staff members.

Nicki Minaj poured cold water on the claims on Monday night as she said that the account was the doing of another fan base who had a plan to take her down”.

In the meantime, the woman whose photo was used is finally speaking out as she claims that she only became aware that her photo was being used after it was circulated in news reports online.

The woman Megan Feldman Bettencourt is a freelance journalist that worked for Business Insider, Harper’s Bazaar, and Salon and is a published author. Her photo was shared with the name of a music label executive Kate Miller on several fake accounts that continued to post garbage about Nicki Minaj.

The woman thanked her followers for alerting her to the fake account and joked about appearing in one of the nation’s top newspapers, attracting the attention of Nicki Minaj.

“Thank you to everyone who alerted me to my photo being stolen and used by a fake account making accusations against @NICKIMINAJ. Lock down your privacy settings, everyone!” she wrote on Twitter.

She also denied any involvement in spreading lies about Nicki.

“To be clear: I never had a secret life as the “ex-assistant” of @NICKIMINAJ Someone stole my photo and used it in a fake account. Fraudulent impersonation wasn’t the way I envisioned being mentioned in @Newsweek, but hey, scammers gonna scam,” she joked.

Minaj also responded to her tweet, offering her a job should she ever need one.

“Ok, you know TF what? well hey, if you ever need a job hit me up. I feel bad but hey, cheers to Newsweek! always a silver lining i- i guess?” Minaj wrote on Twitter.

The fake account is still up on Instagram but has been receiving less attention after fans realized that it was not a real person. It’s unclear if Minaj has involved the authorities in the matter.