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Coi Leray Addresses Concerns After Being Drunk In A Bathtub With Water

Coi Leray

Coi Leray speak out after a woman shared a video of the ‘Trendsetter’ rapper in the bathtub, reportedly drunk.

The video went viral immediately with a woman trying to revive the rapper and get her out of the tub. “Sis, you good?” the woman says as she tries to get Coi Leray, who is fully clothed and submerged partially, out of the tub. Many fans on social media registered immediate concern for the rapper as she appeared inebriated. Coi also reacted to the video as her fans shared concerns.

“It’s so crazy how happy I be after I drink. I see why people be alcoholics,” she said on her Instagram Stories.

Many likened the video of Coi Leray to that of late singer Whitney Houston who reportedly died after drowning in her bathtub after drinking alcohol. Coi Leray disregarded the comments and stated that she was just having a good time and regularly enjoyed lying in her bathtub.

“First of alllll!!! Lmaooooo there’s other videos before thissssssss lmaooo y’all alll crazy!!!,” she said in a comment on the Shaderoom. “And seconddddd WE GET LITTTTTT and 3rd I always get in the tub when I’m drunk lmaoo y’all leave me alone.”

She also did an Instagram Live with her best friend and her mother as she clarified that not only was she safe, but she was having fun with her family and friends around her.

“I see a vlog posted ‘Pray for Coi Leray.’ Please pray for me. I need all the prayers I can get,” she laughed at the caption by Shaderoom. Her friend also chimed in to defend Coi. “She’s a regular person, she likes to have fun like y’all don’t act like y’all never been drunk,” her best friend Nique said.

“She’s never gonna drown in the tub, she couldn’t drown in the tub,” her friend assured fans that they were taking care of Coi.

Coi Leray also added, “It’s the vlogs are making it seem like I’m dead in the tub,” as she laughed and noted that she was tipsy after mixing 818 Tequila with Don Julio 1942 Tequila.

“I guarantee you gonna be in the tub just like I was,” she said before adding, “when you’re super drunk and you’re lit, my advice is for you to take a bath. My clothes didn’t come off because these b****s in the bathroom with me and my momma here with me.”

Her mother also spoke up as she joined the video.

“We have fun that’s what we do. it was all laughter and fun, stop hating, we gon protect her 100,000%, get the f**k outta here,” Momma Leray said.