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Nicki Minaj Blast Woman Mentioning Her Husband’s Net Worth On Twitter

Kenneth Petty Nicki Minaj
Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj had time over the weekend as she gave a critic a dose of her own medicine on Twitter.

The woman who seemed to have a problem with Nicki Minaj and had been posting nasty comments about the Queens rapper. She had several tweets bashing the rapper. “Women who overly stan Nicki Minaj scare me,” one tweet read. “Nicki fans are the worst lol. Delusional fanbase,” another read.

There were other tweets that got personal and attacked Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, whose ongoing harassment civil lawsuit was brought up.

“Everyone us fine but Nicki embarrassing ass. She down bad,” she wrote in a quoted tweet comparing Rihanna’s $1.7 billion and A$AP Rocky’s $10 million combined income to Minaj’s $130M and Petty’s network $500K.

Nicki Minaj, who has earned the meaning behind her last name Petty showed up and had a response for Miss Mamas. The rapper clearly went through her tweets and settled on one where the plus-size woman shares a photo of herself with the caption that she is “on a date, kinda nervous.”

Minaj replied to the tweet. “You SHOULD be nervous. U ugly & STANK,” the rapper said. The woman didn’t seem affected by Minaj’s words as she seemed to celebrate that she pissed off the rapper and caused her to delete her tweets.

“If I can make Nicki Minaj [mad] I know I won bro!!!!!” a part of her tweet read.

In the meantime, Minaj has been promoting her upcoming new music, “Freaky Girl,” which is set to drop on August 12. The rapper has edited her latest video shared on Instagram with a caption making the announcement.

Minaj recently made a comeback after a hiatus due to her pregnancy in 2020. She recently performed at Essence Fest in New Orleans and was recently in the United Kingdom for Wireless Music Festival, which shut down the country.