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Chaney Jones Speak On Rumors She Is Dating Diddy’s Son Justin Combs

Chaney Jones Justin Combs
Chaney Jones, Justin Combs

Chaney Jones stepped forward to address rumors she is dating Diddy’s son.

Justin Combs and Chaney Jones were spotted out in Greece, and while they were not seen together, the trained eyes of social media users quickly matched the photos and video background to conclude that Jones and Diddy’s son was in the same place and possibly together.

Jones and Kanye West are rumored to be broken up, and they have not been seen together since Kanye’s birthday last month. Kanye has also been seen with a different woman at the movies, but it’s unclear if that is just an innocent association the media is blowing out of proportion.

Jones, on the other hand, has kept a low profile, only sharing minuscule details about her activities. Over the weekend, she shared that she was in Greece, and it seems that fans felt that she was there with Combs whom she is acquainted.

On her Instagram account, Chaney showed off that she was in Greece as she shared a video of the beachside and a restaurant filled with blue and white umbrellas.

Justin Combs, Diddy’s son, also shared a very similar video from the same angle leading social media users to believe that it was not a coincidence.

This is the second time in a month that Jones appears to be hanging out with Combs, who previously dated Lori Harvey.

In late June, Jones shared a video of herself playing football in a bikini, and fans couldn’t help but notice Combs walking across the video. She was also seen in BTS for a music video for Justin’s brother Christian Combs.

Jones is, however, denying the speculations that she and Justin are dating.

Jones shared a photo of her in a cheeky green bikini, and a fan asked if Kanye had taken the photo. Another fan, however, offered that she was in Greece with Justin Combs.

Jones was, however, quick to offer an explanation noting that she was close with the Combs family.

“No there was a group of us there & I’ve been friends with that family for years. Please stop believing everything you see on the internet,” she said in the comments.