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Tupac Shakur’s Ex-Girlfriend Desiree Smith Denies Being Underage In Sex Tape

Desiree Smith
Desiree Smith / YouTube

Tupac Shakur ex-girlfriend Desiree Smith says she was not underage or drunk in their infamous sex tape from over two decades ago.

Legendary rapper Tupac Shakur is no longer with us and so cannot defend himself when accusations are laid against his character. One of the accusations that his legacy has had to endure over the years was that he was a sexual abuser of women.

One of the more potent allegations against him occurred after police searched his room at the New York City’s Parker Meridian Hotel in 1993 and discovered a videotape of the respected rapper allegedly having sex with an intoxicated, underage girl.

The officers in question were trying to build a case against the “Changes” rapper for the alleged sodomy of Ayanna Jackson. Now more than two decades later, his name has been cleared by the girl in the video, Desiree Smith, who explained at length during an interview with The Art of Dialogue the circumstances of the video.

She made it clear that she was neither underage nor was she intoxicated at the time of their rendezvous.

According to her, they were just having fun which included some drinking. Still, she insisted that she was not intoxicated and was very aware of everything going on during the encounter.

“We had some weed, we drank and we was just having fun. He had a camcorder he had just got and we did what some people do. I usually don’t do that, but I did it with him, and I didn’t expect for it to go the way it went,” she added.

Smith also shared that Tupac’s lawyer met her and told her that the police would be using the tape to arrest Tupac Shakur for sexual assault. She said that what the police saw on the tape may have been twisted because even though she didn’t look it, she was not underage. Additionally, she also insisted that all they did was smoke weed and have a few drinks but that she was a willing participant in everything else that happened.

Smith believes that all the police wanted was to show that Tupac had a pattern of behavior and that sexual assault was basically in his nature, and that tape would be the key to proving that.

“They were looking for any little thing to charge this man with and they tired it with that and blew it out of proportion. I remember being on the train with some of friends and seeing this paper right before Thanksgiving and knowing — I knew from the moment that I saw it that it had to be me,” she added.

Smith added that by the time the news came to her, it had already been months that the tape was out and that 2Pac carried it everywhere with him, which ironically led to it being seized.

This is probably the first time she’s gone public since her lawyer ensured her name was never shared with the media or the court. She also shared that they dated on and off for about three years, even during his six-month stint for two counts of sexual abuse. To date, the tape has never been found or resurfaced, leading many to believe it was destroyed some time ago.