Former Miss Jamaica Universe Kaci Fennell Robbed Caught On Video

Kaci Fennell

On Wednesday, former Miss Jamaica Universe Kaci Fennell disclosed that she was robbed while entering a supermarket in Kingston.

Surveillance footage of the incident has gone viral online with Kaci Fennel, who is seen wearing a backpack being yanked from behind by one of two robbers who are on a motorcycle.

Kaci Fennell also reacted by running after the men and sharing her frustration with the situation on her Twitter account as she lamented the growing crime problem in Jamaica.

“You are literally safe nowhere in this country and it’s so frustrating. Why am I walking into General Foods… about to enter through the doors and two men on a bike pull up and grab my bag. I tried so hard to get it back,” said Fennel.

She also shared that the criminals also tried to use her card to purchase clothes on the popular urban website, Fashion Nova which sells fashionable male and female clothes.

“Already blocked all my cards, get an alert that they trying to buy clothes at… No man, I have to laugh, because if it’s not laughter, it’s tears,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, it seems that she is still recovering from the trauma of the incident and responded to critics on social media who shared that it was unwise to run after the thieves.

“I’m very upset at myself about running after dem. You always think you know what you’re going to do until you’re in the situation itself,” she reacted to critics.

In another tweet, she also said she was heading to General Foods Supermarket to purchase ingredients to make her dinner.

“I just wanted to make Birria Tacos for dinner, get the stuff and go home…why I had to get a yenk out shoulder instead?” she asked.

Fennell was crowned Miss Jamaica Universe in 2014. and she went on to steal the spotlight at the Miss Universe global competition as she defied beauty standards with her short cropped pixie cut. She later earned the 4th runner-up spot to winner Paulina Vega.