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Drake Hilariously Responds To Viral Tik Tok Video Trolling His Lyrics


Drake isn’t just the biggest artist on the planet, he also has a good sense of humor as he responded to a viral Tik Tok video trolling him for his lyrics.

Drake is one of the most trolled rappers and has been subjected to some very funny but also some very disgusting memes back in the heyday when his critics felt his music was only made for women. In fact, there is a whole google section on images featuring some of the most hilarious, corny, and even cruel memes about the rapper.

While he can be the butt of jokes many times, he also does a fair bit of trolling himself, but all in good fun. Rarely does the rapper react emotionally or upset, and he once even joked about the memes letting fans and critics alike know that he has seen them.

In a recent post, Drake reacted to a funny Tik Tok video poking fun at the lyrics from one of his recent songs.

A guy can be seen putting on his best Drake imitation to the sound of Drake singing.

It seems that Drake was impressed by the acting as he responded to it on his Instagram Story.

“F*** ya’ll I really be saying some sh*t,” Drizzy captioned the Story with several laughing with tears streaming down the face emojis.

Drake knows how to have a good laugh.

Just weeks ago, he superimposed another Tik Toker’s hand on his head with her freshly manicured fingernails over his face and hair. Many felt that he was poking fun at NBA YoungBoy, who had shared a similar photo with his fiancée Jazlyn Mychell’s hand with her huge diamond ring spread across his face.

Meanwhile, more memes could be coming as the rapper has been seen perfecting his “Blickin” dance for his new video “Sticky.”

Drake is seen performing the moves while in what looks like a dance battle with 2Rare. On Instagram, 2Rare shared that he taught Drake how to do his signature move.

Of course, Drake’s pursing of the lips and side looks will be replicated in more memes. Thankfully, the rapper isn’t sensitive about anyone poking fun at him.