Aidonia and Teejay Advocates For Responsible Marijuana Use


Aidonia and Teejay says use marijuana responsibly.

Marijuana usage has always been highlighted in both reggae and dancehall. In reggae, its use is more of a spiritual nature, while dancehall usually advocates for the psychoactive effects of the herb. Over the years, it’s come to mean different things to different people, but according to Teejay, that’s fine as long as users exercise moderation.

The dancehall star expressed this sentiment to the Jamaica Star during a recent interview at Epican’s recent media launch event. The company has been helping with the rollout of medicinal marijuana in Jamaica.

Teejay, who is not one of the high-profile ambassadors that have been recruited by Epican, explained that he has a personal interest in marijuana use and that over the years, he’s learned what works for him.

The Montego Bay deejay added that while there is a need to endorse marijuana usage for its many health benefits, there is also a major responsibility for shareholders to educate people on how it should be used.

“So far I have loved everything Epican is doing. When them giving the good thing dem, we endorse it because it means a lot to me,” he continued. The Uptop Boss also shared a bit about his first time using the herb following a short performance.

He fondly recalled the experience and said that after he smoked, he remembered running four or five miles with no shoes on. Over the years, he said that he had come to love all strains of marijuana and that his preference would be if both Indica and Sativa could be combined, but if left up to him, he would choose the Sativa strain.

That’s mostly because it helps him to keep calm. It should not come as a surprise that he is a fan of weed since it usually is prominently featured in many of his videos.

Teejay Bounty Killer
Teejay and Bounty Killer

Also present at the launch was the company’s ambassador and avid marijuana advocate, Aidonia. He shared similar sentiments to Teejay as he also suggested that education is needed to bring more understanding to the effects of marijuana.

Aidonia added that these conversations were needed to help make the youths aware of its effects because, essentially, they should be focusing on the stresses of growing up. The “Yeah Yeah” singer added that he believed its usage should really be for older people who understand what they are doing.

Youths of the nation should spend their time making the best of educational opportunities and trying their best to stay out of trouble. When they are at the age of adulthood, they can try and understand the proper use of marijuana, Aidonia continued.

He, like Teejay, prefers the Sativa variety of the plant and shared with the Jamaica Gleaner his favorite strains, which he said were the Sour Diesel, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, and Jack Herer.

“I personally prefer and utilise Sativa; I prefer to have my brain juices flowing to have a body high. It’s been easy as an ambassador coming from a country that has been the forefront of marijuana before I was born; from the days of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, and the business and awareness is growing. I look forward to see the growth in years to come,” Aidonia added.