Wayne Marshall and Tami Chin Welcome Baby Girl Ivy Arrow Mitchell

Tami Chin, Wayne Marshall with kids left

Wayne Marshall and Tami Chin welcomes their baby girl, Ivy Arrow Marshall, the first daughter for dancehall’s favorite couple.

The Mitchell family announced the arrival of the fourth addition to their family unit on Monday, June 20, a beautiful little girl called Ivy Arrow Mitchell. Tami Chin, also known musically as Tami Chynn, shared beautiful photos of Ivy’s older brothers holding her.

“Our littlest love has come earthside. Ivy Arrow Mitchell,” Tami said as she shared that the baby was born on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

“We are all so overjoyed at her arrival and looking forward to this next, beautiful chapter,” she said, adding several hashtags of her family- #meetanothermitchell #family #ouroneandonlydaughter #babysister #girlmomanddad #GioJaxAtlasOz&Ivy.

The Mitchells first announced that they were expecting baby No. 4 in January. At the time, they were not yet aware of the gender of the baby as yet.

“[Wayne Marshall] and I are so blessed to be expecting yet another little being into our world. We are beyond excited, out of our minds happy and all-around overjoyed to have this awesome experience one last time,” Tami had said, hinting that this is the last baby they are having.

“Yes…this is it! We are waiting a little longer to find out if we are having a boy or girl although I’m sure many of you have your own hopes and wishes for us but in the meantime, we’re just enjoying the bliss of the awesome miracle that is life. We already love our “littlest love” so much,” she added in anticipation of fans’ well-wishes.

Wayne Marshall has a son from a previous union, Gio, and he also cares for his younger brother, who all form the Marshall family.

Just a day before, on Father’s Day, Tami Chin shared a sweet message celebrating her husband.

“Of all the roles you play, ‘Dad’ is my favourite! From DAY ONE I have been able to witness you in this role and it was honestly one of the things that made me know for SURE that I wanted to build a life and family with you. Since then, I’ve seen you grow into an even more amazing dad and even watched you raise the bar on what it means to be a big brother,” she said.

“We all love you so much and we give thanks for you being not only our anchor but also our laughter and love and safe place,” she added.

Wayne Marshall also shared a similar message on his Instagram account and a video showing the family spending time with the in-laws a few moments before Tami went to the hospital to have the baby.

In one section of the video, her sister, former The Voice season five winner Tessanne Chin and other members of the family are seen praying for a smooth and incident-free birthing process.

Wayne also speaks about waiting for the labor process, noting that he had to pour himself a drink to “take the edge off of things” as he spoke about the nervousness and anxiety.

Tami Chin gets emotional as she kisses her three boys and family goodbye.