Krystal Tomlinson Shares Father’s Day Tribute To Beenie Man

Beenie Man baby girl Xiah
Beenie Man with daughter Xiah

Krystal Tomlinson is certainly setting an example when it comes to healthy co-parenting.

On Sunday, she shared a sweet Father’s Day message to the father of her child, Beenie Man, along with a beautiful video of milestone moments in his daughter Xiah Amina’s life.

“Happy Father’s Day! From Day 1 to Day 1,590 you’ve been there for her,” she began the lengthy post on Instagram.

“You know by now how much Xiah adores you. You show up for her, you prioritize her and she is SURE of your love,” she added.

She also hinted that Xiah is a formidable opponent when it comes to dancing and singing, hinting that the little girl might be as talented as her father.

“She is also SURE that she will beat you in the dancing and singing department every chance she gets!” She said.

She also added a general message for all fathers noting their important role in society.

“To the fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, uncles, god-fathers who give our children a solid example of care, love and support WE SEE YOU! Thank you for DOING Fatherhood and not just being a man with a child. For making no excuses and allowing no one to come between you and your child/children. For seeing the role you play as a God-Given DUTY! Sending you BIG LOVE today as you lead my example and love our children with your whole hearts’” she said.

Beenie Man with his children

Beenie Man had replied to the post with a simple heart emoji.

It seems that that was Beenie Man’s only baby mother who wished him a sincere happy Father’s Day publicly. His ex-wife D’Angel shared a post wishing her father a happy Father’s Day, while Dancehall Queen Carlene left a general message.

Tomlinson and Beenie Man started dating around 2015 but split in early 2021 when their daughter was just two. The couple appeared to have an amicable parting and have been co-parenting together without drama.