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The Game Says He Would Do A Movie With 50 Cent Call “Abandonment”

The Game and 50 Cent
The Game and 50 Cent

The Game says if he ever do a movie with 50 Cent it would be called Abandonment because the G-Unit leader abandoned his son.

The Game is not letting up as he continues to poke the bear and send more shots at 50 Cent. It seems that Fifty is living in Game’s mind rent free, and he has even conjured up scenarios where he can one-up the G-Unit rapper, and it doesn’t involve music.

In his recent interview with I Am Athlete, the rapper is seen sipping tea when he is asked whether he would do an album or a movie with 50 Cent.

The Game, however, says he would choose to do a movie with the 50 Cent, and the movie would be called “Abandonment,” with a very interesting plot based on real events in 50’s life.

“I’d do a movie …the movie is he abandon his son and I come in, you know what I’m saying, to the baby moms and show her how a real dad is. and you know at first he warming up, he don’t just call me dad but the type of parenting and type of fatherhood you know that I adhere to children that I put on children like it’s only a certain amount of time he gon be calling me dad…” he says.

The Game added that his idea for a movie comes from his issues with fathers like 50 Cent.

“You know me and him, I don’t really f *** with him because he abandon his kid, his own child his own flesh and blood and then I come along and pick up the pieces, now he don’t own me nothing you know what I’m saying, but I got problems with him. Any man that don’t want to take care of their own child for any reason I got a problem with,” he added.

The rapper has been taking shots at 50 Cent over the past few months, especially since 50 Cent’s appearance on the Super Bowl halftime show earlier this year.

The rapper has since gone on to throw dirt on 50 at every chance he gets. Recently, he even said that Kanye West, with his recent The Game collab, did more for his career than Dr. Dre ever did.

“50cent Last time you did this with me, G-Unit clothing got put in a casket wit the entire group & you went into television,” The Game had told 50 Cent after he commented on Compton rapper’s statement.

In the same interview, he also admitted he was hurt that Dr. Dre overlooked him appearing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show earlier this year. According to Game, he felt that the hip-hop producer should have chosen in-state rappers to be part of the show, like himself and rapper YG.