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Cardi B Responds To Critic Accusing Her Of Using Old Song To Boost Album Sales

Cardi B
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Cardi B is not one to sit back and let folks criticize her music.

Cardi B did not take likely the insinuations made by popular YouTuber Bobby Foster, who said that her successful singles “WAP” and “Up” were released ahead of her sophomore album to earn certifications for the album.

The YouTuber appeared to suggest that Bardi’s album will not be as successful and that she needs the help of “WAP” and “UP” to ensure that the album is considered a success. Both “WAP” and “UP” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and have gone on to win awards and certifications since being released over the last two years.

Fans have been waiting for Cardi’s second album, on which the two singles will appear. However, Foster thinks she’s adding the songs which were pre-released gives her room to ensure the album is ‘successful’ even if the other songs flop.

The YouTuber was reacting to a comment by a Twitter page that said Cardi B had confirmed on Centerfold Live that her No. 1 tracks “WAP” and “UP” are going to be on her Sophomore album.

Foster commented, “I blame the streaming era. Artists just do this to get certifications for their albums. I don’t like it.”

Cardi B got wind of the comment and reacted.

“Lmaaaooooooo imagine me not putting my OWN records on my album,” Cardi B said.

Cardi B also called out Foster for trying to start a beef between her fans and fans of Nicki Minaj, whom Foster seems to be a big fan of and is well-known for singing Minaj’s praises online.

“One more thing my first album I did not had CDs, Merch or Bundles just straight fire…..and I had a amazing debut and gave a song that became DIAMOND from it…. F**k you talking about… wash your tongue correctly b4 you talk about who needs streams in this b##ch.”

Cardi B also called out Foster for being messy.

“Stop trying to act innocent when u know you was trying to pander. Why haven’t you said nothing about other artists who recently put songs b4 the pandemic on their album or people that have put other people songs on their sh88….imagine my biggest songs not being on a album,” Cardi said.

Meanwhile, Foster came back to explain why he deleted the tweet, noting that he had nothing personal against Cardi B and was commenting on the music industry and how it deals with track listing.