Steve Harvey Breaks Silence On Lori And Michael B. Jordan Breakup

Steve Harvey Lori Harvey
Steve Harvey, Lori Harvey

Steve Harvey has broken his silence on Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan’s sudden breakup.

Months ago, Steve Harvey gushed about his daughter Lori Harvey and her boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan’s blooming relationship. It seems, though, that the comedian’s posture has changed as he cracked jokes about their breakup.

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan’s breakup was reported on Saturday, with many reacting with shock (and some not so, given Lori’s notorious dating life that includes Diddy, then his son, and rapper Future).

Now, her step-father Steve Harvey seems to be supporting Lori’s decision and even has jokes about the whole thing as he also says he wished he was like his children when he was younger.

While on his The Steve Harvey Morning (radio) Show, the comedian didn’t seem shocked or surprised by Lori’s decision. His co-host Shirley Strawberry can be heard laughing as she notes, “We tryna make sure Lori’s alright”.

Steve, however, shared his thought as he cracked a joke.

“I gotta start learning from my children, get out early or it costs you something,” he says before Shirley drops in again, “Don’t make this about you.”

Steve used Lori’s breakup as a lesson moment for his audience.

“I waited way too late. I’ve got to figure this out,” he says.

While there have been many speculations, there is no confirmed reason why the couple broke up. One speculative reason was that the Black Panther actor, who is now 35-years-old is ready to settle down. He recently bought a $12 million home which has further that speculation. However, Harvey, 25, is the one not ready to be tied down.

Shirley added her own speculation, “Sometimes people do grow apart.”

Steve added, “I’m gonna have to start breaking up on IG ’cause this going to court is costly,” he jokes.

Both Lori and Michael have been seen over the weekend solo with friends. Lori was seen at a friend’s baby shower, then at another event hosted by G Herbo and Taina Wiliams, while Jordan was seen at a basketball game, clearly trying to keep a brave face on. The actor sat courtside the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics NBA Finals Game 2 and was even spotted by the cameras smiling.

Meanwhile, Steve Harvey has previously spoken about liking Jordan when he commented on the actor pulling out all the stops for Lori Harvey for Valentine’s Day last year and even buying the entire family presents last year.

Steve Harvey hasn’t said much more than joke about learning some dating lessons from his children. But he clearly is in good spirits despite previously wanting this relationship to work out for his daughter. The famed comedian and his wife, Marjorie Harvey, have both welcomed Michael B. Jordan into their home in Atlanta with open arms.

As for Lori Harvey’s love life, there are already rumors that she is dating someone new, with some chatters that she was dating a mystery man long before the news broke of her breakup with Michael B. Jordan. The true identity of her rumored new boyfriend has not been made public, but the chatters are growing louder on social media.