Burna Boy Pulls Stefflon Don’s Diss Track Off YouTube Over Unauthorized Sample

Burna Boy and Stefflon Don dating
Burna Boy and Stefflon Don

Burna Boy has seemingly pulled Stefflon Don’s rumored diss track from YouTube over an illegal sample

The British-Jamaican rapper had teased on Friday that she would be releasing a diss song addressing her break up with Afrobeats singer, Burna Boy.

The couple appeared to have broken up last year December after dating for almost three years. It was Burna Boy who announced that he was single as he made known the relationship had come to an end.

There were several rumors that the Afrobeats singer was unfaithful during the course of the relationship with the “Senseless” singer.

Stefflon Don has only addressed the breakup once by shading Burna Boy.

“No matter how much love, Loyalty or how good you treat someone, people are just not solid and scream real but are the fakest. Fame & money changes some ppl. When people show you who they are believe them. As hard as that may be. God sees and knows. People genuinely need prayers,” she had said in December.

However, she had not commented further until recently when she shared an 11-second clip of a sample she did on Burna Boy’s new song, “Last Last”. The clip she shared hinted at her addressing their breakup.

The track she released was titled “First of All” and immediately caused fans to speculate about her reasons for releasing the diss track, with some even calling her out for being dramatic and dampening the “On The Law” singer’s shine.

Stefflon Don appeared to be toying with fans as the “track” she eventually released on YouTube did not have a song but rather told her fans and nosey persons to keep out of her business.

“Si I just wanted to gather everybody here today to say it is now time to mind your business! It’s not everything that’s for everybody,” said after laughing.

“Mind your business that pays you, okay? We’re all good. We’re all fine. We need justice,” she added.

Some people took offense to the artist’s comments, while others laughed at her prank.

There were also unconfirmed reports that the song does exist but that Burna Boy’s label pulled it due to copyright infringement as she might not have been licensed to use the track for a sample.

Stefflon has not addressed the song’s disappearance further, and Burna Boy has similarly kept quiet about the incident.