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Lil Meech ‘BMF’ Co-Star Da’Vinchi Bails Him Out Of Jail For $1.4 Million Cash

Meech Davinchi
Lil Meech, Davinchi / STARZ

Da’Vinchi reportedly bail Lil Meech out of jail for a $1.4 million cash bond.

Lil Meech will be forever grateful to his Black Mafia Family co-star Da’Vinchi for coming to his rescue following his brief incarceration for grand theft after allegedly stealing a $250,000 Richard Mille watch.

The news that the actor and son of famed Black Mafia Family boss Big Meech was arrested in Florida broke yesterday, with many expressing shock online that he’s been caught up in such a scandal, especially considering he’s probably well paid for his role on BMF.

His co-star posted a video on Instagram with Lil Meech as he appeared to bail out the young TV star. In Da’Vinchi’s video, he quips that he had to bail his colleague out because they had to finish filming.

“I just bailed my n*gga out,” Davinchi says before Lil Meech jumps in and adds, “my boy got me out though my boy got me out for real.”

Later in the video, you can also hear Da’Vinchi saying that he paid the bond in cash. It’s one thing to be colleagues at work, but these two seem to share a strong bond beyond the set.

According to new reports surfacing, the alleged robbery took place in February at a Miami jewelry store. It’s been stated that Lil Meech put a down payment on a Richard Mille watch using his $80,000 platinum Rolex. He then failed to pay the remaining $200K balance.

According to TMZ he also never returned the watch, and now police are saying that he tried to trade the watch for a different Richard Mille at another store. Season two of BMF, which has been another 50 CENT success so far, is supposed to start filming in Atlanta soon.

While there’s no word on when he will have to appear in court, the hope is that he can start working along with the rest of the cast. He hasn’t opened up about his side of what’s going on as yet but seems to be in good spirits as he posted a picture of himself on Twitter yesterday with a star emoji.

The jeweler who accused Lil Meech of theft is also speaking out saying that he tried to get the actor to pay up multiple times before filing a police report.

“You cannot trade a watch that wasn’t paid for to another jeweler and take the next jewelers watch and not pay them as well,” Haimov said in a statement posted on Instagram. “We all work hard for our money and do clean business. We reached out many many times buy you ignore. 200K would you let that slide.”