LA Rapper Big Ty-Stick Links With Beenie Man On New Song

Beenie Man
Beenie Man

Los Angeles rapper and Beenie Man got new music on the way.

If it’s one artist you can bet on to have the Midas touch, it’s Beenie Man. He’s proven once again that he has the it factor when it comes to dancehall following a new collab with Los Angeles-based rapper Big Ty-Stick. Veteran reggae artist Michael Black also features on the track, which is called “Reggae Music Remix.”

The track is also getting a lot of love in Jamaica at the moment. The single was produced on the Country California imprint and came off a new reggae album called Roots Reggae Wine which also features Black.

The Jamaica Star recently spoke with Big Ty-stick about the success of the track. He explained that it was his love of Jamaica’s culture, specifically the respect given to marijuana, that inspired the song.

He added that he loves Jamaican music, culture, and the marijuana lifestyle. Not too long ago, he did a west coast reggae mixtape recorded in Hawaii. This mixtape, he explained, was also inspired by his love of the herb.

“I am a big weed advocate. I have performed in many medical marijuana communities performing at all cannabis venues like the Los Angeles area Doesha Cup and Northern California’s Hightimes Cannibis Cup,” he added.

Big Ty-Stick is known in the hip-hop community and has collaborated with some popular artists like ScarFace. He’s also worked with multi-platinum, Grammy-award-winning producer Jazzy Pha.

Big Ty Slick Beenie
from left: Jackel, Michael Black Beenie Man and Big Ty-Stick

The “Hood Everyday” rapper, who has a bachelor’s degree in humanities and a minor in business, as well as a master’s in business administration, said that he wants to use his unique blend of education and street smarts to produce great music for his fans.

That’s mostly because he said that he understands street economics, corporate economics, American economics, Californian economics, and racial economics first-hand.