Skip Marley Praised His Mom Cedella Marley, Hopes To Be The “Change” For Women

Skip Marley Cedella
Skip Marley and his mother Cedella Marley

Since his emergence on the scene in 2015, Skip Marley has shown that he has the talent and attitude to go a long way in the music business.

Skip Marley has already stacked up some impressive accolades since he first graced the airwaves, including two Grammy Award nominations and an MTV Video Music Award nomination. One of his most recent accomplishments is having the remix of his debut single for Island Records in February 2017, “Lions,” become the official song of the 2022 CONCACAF Women’s Championship.

His mother, Ceddella Marley, who is the eldest daughter of Bob Marley, is heavily involved in women’s football and is a very vocal supporter of the various Jamaica Women’s football teams.

In Skip’s latest take on “Lions,” he’s given the track a fresh spin by including new lyrics, which he shared with the Jamaica Star were specifically written for the competition’s ‘WE BELONG’ campaign. It also includes some uplifting words from his mom, Cedella.

He also disclosed to the publication his true admiration for his mother’s work ethic. The “Slow Down” singer described his mother as one of the hardest working people he knows. He also said that he is very glad to be her son. It’s because of that that he has an undying love for her and tries always to represent her well, he added.

His admiration for his mother has led him to appreciate the contributions of women even more. This is especially reflected in this latest campaign as he admitted that he is in awe of women who compete in professional sports because of their passion and determination.

“When me watch women’s sports, women balling, I see the heart and strength they put into their game, and, when they take the field, they deserve that respect as a man would get. It’s just that crazy when you see all that they go through,” he said.

The “Cruel World” singer added that he found it unfair that women did not receive the same resources that male teams get. One of the reasons that the situation perplexes him is that women have been making a concerted effort toward making a change for the betterment of society in all forms.

This has also inspired his latest track, Change which was produced and co-written by Grammy Award-nominated songwriter and producer Oscar Holter.

Skip Marley added that the change women are looking to create is necessary because many things are in need of being reviewed. This is obvious when one looks at society as he believes that everyone wants change and that, for the world community, change is a must and is necessary.

“Love is free, why not try to make the change or help make the change you can see? It is possibility. For me, the change I want to make is to be a better Skip. I want to be a positive impact on the world and music,” he continued.

It is his mission to use his music to make a change in how people contribute to society. He earnestly intends to achieve that goal and will be working tirelessly to do so, and he is also hoping to start incorporating more instruments into his music. His track “Change” is just the beginning of how he intends to use his music to help achieve the changes needed in society at the moment.