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Nicki Minaj Addresses Pregnancy Rumors After Met Gala Fit Failed Her

Kenneth Petty Nicki Minaj
Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj popped up on Wednesday to clear the air and dash the hopes of Barbz, who wants a companion for Papa Bear.

The Trinidadian rapper stunned in a black ensemble at the Met Gala for the first time in years, and her extra weight was a little obvious, particularly around her breasts which she struggled to contain.

Nicki Minaj had shared that the designers had made her bra cups smaller than usual to get an overflowing effect, but while she was giving breasts, fans began speculating that she was pregnant.

“I got a sneaky suspicion that Nicki Minaj is pregnant dem titties are looking biiggg,” one person said on Twitter. “Ion Know them arms kind of thick. Nicki Are You Pregnant????” another fan asked her.

Some Twitter users even became rude asking, “Nicki Pregnant Again By Kenneth?” While another said, “Is she pregnant or just getting fat which would explain her being out of breath after going up a few steps.

Nicki Minaj, however, got wind of the tweets and shut down fans who tried getting into her business.

“Big boobs can be very f***ng misleading,” she captioned a video she released on Tik Tok.

In the video, Minaj is dressed in tan-colored panties and a white t-shirt. She is seen gripping and holding up her boobs to show her very toned stomach to prove that she is not pregnant.

Minaj celebrated her son’s first birthday last September and could very well be still breastfeeding hence the size of her boobs. In any case, it’s obvious the rapper is annoyed at others judging her body which has naturally gained weight since her pregnancy.

Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, got married in 2019 and got pregnant just a year after. She had, however, kept her pregnancy low key and had dropped her collaboration with Tekashi 6ix9ine “Trollz” while being pregnant while fans were none the wiser.

Some had speculated that she was pregnant, but it wasn’t until later Minaj shared that she was pregnant when she was already in her final trimester.

In any case, Minaj has promised fans a new album this year, but it seems that an album or a baby, fans would take it either way.