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42 Dugg Arrested By Feds, Failed To Turn Self In For Sentencing

42 Dugg
42 Dugg

42 Dugg is now in police custody and will be for a while.

The law has caught up with the “Maybach” rapper as news surfaced on Thursday that he has been arrested by federal agents for failing to turn himself in to begin serving a prison sentence handed down in a matter in 2021.

42 Dugg, whose real name is Dion Hayes, was picked up by federal agents on Wednesday morning after a private plane he was traveling in landed. Dugg was to turn himself in to the federal prison camp in West Virginia on April 12.

Last November, 42 Dugg was sentenced to six months in jail after being found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm. He managed to get time after the sentencing as his lawyers argued that he was at risk of contracting Covid-19 if sent to jail.

According to the authorities, the rapper could be facing more jail time, as much as five years in prison, for ducking out his date.

It’s the latest in a series of legal troubles for 42 Dugg, who was initially arrested in 2017 for carjacking and felony firearms possession. He was eventually placed on probation in 2019, but later, authorities received an anonymous tip that he violated the probation order as he had been at a gun range in Atlanta, where he fired a gun. This led to him being arrested in 2020 and sentenced to probation for three years and a $90,000 fine. Two months later, he was arrested for evading police after he drove away during a police stop and search.

42 Dugg was released on bond and had to wear an ankle monitor as well as fined for driving with a suspended license.

In December of 2021, as part of his probation conditions, he failed drug tests and was also arrested in Nevada for obstruction.

While appearing in court to deal with the latest charges, a judge revoked his probation and substituted it for 6-months in jail and two years of supervised release.

Meanwhile, The Detroit News says the rapper’s attorney says he did not surrender himself as his legal team had filed an appeal, and they were waiting to hear back.

“He got off the plane and they were waiting there to greet him,” Dugg’s lawyer, Steve Scharg, said.

Scharg had previously said that the appeal was to overturn the judge’s decision to revoke the probation.