Jada Kingdom Says Female In A Viral Video On Twitter Is Not Her

Jada Kingdom
Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom can’t catch a break as she spent time on Tuesday responding to claims that she has a viral private video out.

The video in question was shared on Twitter with claims that the woman performing a sex act was Jada. The graphic video was shared thousands of times and drew a response from Jada Kingdom.

In a statement on her Instagram Story, she denied it was her and shared several photos to justify her response.

“That’s not me,” the first Instagram Story read.

The Jamaican singer added that she has neck and face tattoos before, did the ones on her hand and that her hand tattoos aren’t shaded.

“And look properly at the tattoo placements. The tattoo on my left hand is a spider web and I have tats on all of my fingers, I did them all at the same time so where are they? I never had a chain like that, my neck itches by just looking at it,” she said in another lengthy story.

The “Banana” singer also said one of the biggest clues was the lack of emotion by the woman in the viral video.

“I express a great amount of passion when performing such activity, this girl is all over the place. Whoever you are ma’am, I’m sorry,” she said while adding that she “grip & twist my right hand not my left hand. I’m right handed.”

Jada comment IG
Jada Kingdom Instagram

The latest drama around the young dancehall songstress comes as she is beefing with her former BFF Asian Doll as the two aired each other out over their alleged sex lives. Both women have name-dropped prominent rappers in the game as they try to sling the most muck at each other.

Jada Kingdom moved to the United States last year after signing with Republic Records. During that time, she has broken up with her then-boyfriend Verse Simmonds, 41, and is now dating New York Drill rapper Nas EBK, 21.

Since moving to the United States, Jada Kingdom, who had teased that she’s dropping a new EP this year, has been involved in various dramas with her current boyfriend’s ex as well as Asian Doll and at one point in the Shenseea/ Spice drama.

We won’t post the clip but a quick search on Twitter will likely unearth it.

Yesterday, rapper Fredo Bang addressed allegations that he paid Jada Kingdom $35,000 for the goods. He made it clear he is not the rapper Asian Doll accused of forking over the cash.