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Tahiry, Evelyn Lozada Blast Joe Budden Over Megan Thee Stallion ‘Victim Bullying’ Comments

Tahiry Joe Budden Evelyn Lozada
From Left Tahiry, Joe Budden, Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada is blasting Joe Budden after he called her speaking out on her past domestic abuse situation “bullying” on his recent podcast.

Joe Budden might be one of if not the most controversial and disagreeable famous podcast hosts online today. The former rapper is constantly being criticized for his controversial comments on The Joe Budden Podcast. Following Megan Thee Stallion’s tell-all interview with Gayle King on CBS earlier this week, the rapper continues to seemingly defend Tory Lanez, this time coining the phrase “victim bullying” to conceptualize what he believes Megan is doing to the Canadian rapper/singer.

On the topic of the high profile interview, Joe says, “there is such a thing as victim bullying” and goes on to use Evelyn Lozada’s domestic abuse case from a few years back with Chad Ochocinco as an example. “For years, any time [Johnson’s] name came up, [Lozada] popped up. It had nothing to do with her,” Budden said. “It didn’t matter the rehabilitation he’d done and didn’t matter the changes that he made, the apologies, both public and private.”

He continued, “Every time I do something positive, you’re gonna pop up with this victim story. And you are the victim, so I don’t take that away. But that’s bullying.” Suffice it to say online critics did not take kindly to this perspective and soon started dragging Joe Budden on social media. After the Shade Room posted a clip from the podcast episode on Instagram, Evelyn Lozada took to the comment section herself to blast Joe for his statement.

The Basketball Wives star wrote, “You should [have] used yourself as an example and kept us the f### out of it!! FOH!” Joe Budden sought to clarify but did little to swoon the online audience when he wrote, “We were discussing reactive abuse, not ‘seemingly’ comparing situations… prayers to everyone involved.”

Budden’s former partner Tahiry Jose who accused the rapper-turned-podcaster of domestic abuse during their relationship, also chimed in. “THE BIGGEST F###### NERVES ON EARTH!!!” the former Love & Hip Hop star wrote. “This is so wrong, so unfair but yet he still continues having a mic!”

Evelyn Lozada then took to her Instagram Story to share the domestic abuse survivor quote, “My life matters so I spoke up” writing alongside the image, “I’m gonna keep screaming to the heavens no matter what another abuser has to say about my past abusive relationship!” Lozada went on to post photos from her badly bruised and lacerated face after her domestic abuse incident mentioning Joe Budden in the caption and asking if “@TahiryJose should post hers.”

The reality TV star garnered overwhelming support online and continued to share some thoughts from others. One user wrote, “Joe… You beat the literal BABY out of your ex-girlfriend. PLEASE SHUT UP,” to which Lozada added, “Disgusting human! How do you even still have a platform to speak on anyone’s abusive relationship?”

Joe Budden has remained vocal on his podcast about his take on the whole Megan Thee Stallion vs Tory Lanez saga. He previously criticized the “Savage” rapper’s career, saying she is not a superstar.

“You’re not a superstar if you can’t sell an album,” he said. “What stops her from being a superstar if we’re taking out sales? She ain’t sold sh*t.”

Megan’s recent Gayle King interview has sparked a widespread conversation online about domestic abuse, and now that people have a renewed interest in the story, Joe Budden seems to be on the topic of Thee Stallion even more, these days. Is there such a thing as “victim bullying”?