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A$AP Rocky Shooting Video Footage Unearthed As Cops Test His Guns

ASAP Rocky
A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky has a giant microscope over his head as LAPD tries to build a case against him.

The Los Angeles Police Department says that the guns taken from A$AP Rocky’s home were not the same used in the shooting for which he is being investigated.

The rapper was arrested a week ago for allegedly shooting at a man during an argument and then running away. Police say that the guns taken into evidence from the rapper’s property were not the ones used in the shooting after putting them through ballistic testing with shell casings found at the shooting scene.

A$AP Rocky has more challenges, though, as alleged video footage obtained by law enforcement may implicate him as the shooter in the incident.

According to TMZ, the rapper has much to worry about as a video is in police custody showing the rapper pulling the trigger. Sources quoted by the publication say that while the gun used in the shooting is not among those seized by police, he has much to worry about.

The video of the shooting is speculated to be from a surveillance camera in the area where the incident allegedly occurred. Law enforcement has not made that video public.

A$AP was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly shooting at a victim in Hollywood last November during an argument. The victim suffered an injury to his hand from a bullet graze.

However, TMZ sources say that the rapper has not been identified from the video, but it could be bad for him if he is recognized as the shooter.

Earlier this week, the police disclosed that it had seized guns from the search last week while the rapper was away in Barbados on a getaway with his pregnant partner Rihanna.

In the meantime, the rapper has not been charged as yet and is out on bail as he and Rihanna await the birth of their baby.

A$AP Rocky is continuing his regular life as police try to build a case against him for the November shooting. Last week Friday, the Harlem rapper attended his and his pregnant girlfriend’s baby shower in Los Angeles. The couple is expecting their first child any day now.