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Benzino Claims 50 Cent Is Being Sued Over ‘BMF’ & Using Coi Leray Against Him

Benzino 50 Cent
Benzino, 50 Cent

Benzino is getting heated after 50 Cent showed support for his daughter, Coi Leray, on Instagram over the weekend.

The Power producer had shown Coi Leray love and warned his fans to support her despite her one-week album sales, a jab at Benzino, whose Instagram account trolled his daughter for having low sales. He had, however, insisted that his account was hacked.

Well, it seems that 50’s move to hit Benzino where it hurts by endearing himself to Coi Leray is working as she also responded to the post with excitement.

“GLG !!!!! LETS GOOOOOOO,” she wrote in the comment section.

A furious Benzino immediately responded with a series of tweets as he called out 50 Cent for crossing a line with Coi and even seemed to send a warning to Coi about collaborating with the Starz producer.

“Hey RATMAN aka 59 I appreciate u putting my Coi on but does she know you and STARS ain’t been seeing eye to eye lately. Well I just got my hands on a federal lawsuit saying that the “BMF” trademark isn’t yours & knew about it & never told Meech or STARS. Big mistake you dummy,” he said, claiming that 50’s deal with Starz was up in the air.

He also seemed to warn his daughter not to choose 50 Cent over himself despite being at odds and working against her in the past few months.

Coi Leray
Coi Leray / IG

“You crossed a line with my kid but that’s ok, she’ll have to live with the decision she made to go against her father to deal with the opps. Everyone who is a real person will recognize her disloyalty and it will be her downfall. Smh, people who sell their souls always regret it,” another tweet read.

Benzino also shared documents claiming that 50 Cent was at the center of a lawsuit involving the BMF copyrights.

“Your dumb a*s made the decisions not to tell anyone because you already invested too much. I’ll be releasing the entire lawsuit real soon, but I’m gonna let u marinate for sec before I stick a fork in you,” Benzino said.

Benzino insisted on Twitter that he had paperwork for the past two weeks detailing the alleged lawsuit against 50 Cent, who he accused of trying to put his daughter, Coi Leray, against him.

The reality TV star also insist that 50 Cent is a government informant despite the previously allegations being debunked.

Benzino told fans that he never hated on his daughter amid mounting criticism that he is envious of her rap career. Now he is blaming 50 Cent for corrupting his daughter against him.

“I never ever hated on my own daughter, it was her who me B A N, dissed me in a song, calls me broke in every interview I’ve done, all I’ve done was correct the lies on me. Y’all can run with that bs narrative, idgaf, I’ve never tried to play with someone’s kid like he did,” another tweet shared on Sunday read.

“F**k it, we at war right? I’m just suppose to let mfs say all kind of lies on me about a nasty transformer then dangle a tv role in front of my only daughter against me? Man f*** anybody who agrees with this asshole. Real ni***z and fathers understand,” another tweet read.