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50 Cent Threatens To Cast Coi Leray In ‘Power’ Over First Week Sales Criticism

Coi Leray 50 Cent
Coi Leray, 50 Cent

if you don’t stop criticizing Coi Leray’s album first week sales, you might forced 50 Cent to cast her in Power.

Rapper turn filmmaker 50 Cent is known for sticking up for those who appear to be bullied by others. His latest gesture of goodwill was towards actress Mo’Nique, and it seems that he is setting his eyes on helping rapper Coi Leray navigate the trolls and hate on the internet.

Coi Leray has voiced her issues with social media users bullying her for her slim body and the way she carries herself. In a post on Instagram, the rapper warned fans that they needed to stop hating Coi before putting her on his Greenlight Gang.

“Now would be a good time to stop hating on @coileray I’m gonna make her show up on your Tv. STOP worrying about a first week WORK. GLG GreenLightGang #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi,” he said in a caption of a photo of Leray.

50 Cent’s offer to put Coi on his TV series is quite random, but those who have been following the rapper know that his post might be less about sticking up for her and more about his beef with her father, Benzino.

Coi Leray
Coi Leray / IG

Benzino and 50 Cent have been back and forth, and it has taken 50 a few days to come back with a response. He does not disappoint with his chess move of appearing to be a savior to Coi Leray, who is also experiencing challenges with her relationship with Benzino, whom she has accused of being hateful and bitter towards her.

The young rapper has shared many times how her father nearly cost her a feature with Nicki Minaj and his behavior out of the public towards her and her mother.

On the other hand, 50 Cent has been enjoying jokes at Benzino’s expense after a video went viral of him allegedly in a relationship with a trans woman Shauna Brooks.

In the meantime, 50 Cent’s latest move to piss off Benzino appears to be targeted to Coi to become endeared to him, knowing he and his daughter are not on good terms.

In the meantime, Benzino has not replied to the rapper as yet, but last week he released a diss song targeted at him.