Sir P Fires Back At Shab Don’s Legal Threats, Says He Will Not Back Down

Shab Don
Shab Don

YouTuber Sir P has responded to legal threats from Shab Don over defamation claims.

In what is shaping up to be a very public legal feud between the dancehall producer and the Vlogger, all eyes are locked in on who will blink first. On Wednesday, Shab Don issued a strong statement to Sir P, who is behind the popular Politricks Watch YouTube channel. The producer shared a video message from his attorney Donovan Collins warning the Vlogger to cease and desist from spreading false and defamatory statements.

It didn’t take long for Sir P to respond, and he remained defiant, telling the producer and his attorney to kick rocks.

“At no point, I want anybody listening to this to think that they can use any form of intimidation whether it is violence or any kind of legal intimidation to stop this movement. It’s not going to happen,” the Vlogger said in a video shared on his YouTube.

Sir P also added that his country means more to him than any threats or intimidation, whether physical or legal. As such, it’s safe to say that he will continue to “expose” Shab Don’s alleged criminal activities without fear for his own safety.

“My country means the most to me, the future of my country means the most to me,” Sir P continues. “Even if I have to become a martyr so be the case, people live and die every single day. We can pretend like we no see wah gwaan in the country, like we don’t see the people who a mash up the country and hope for the best. Nuff people are happy with doing that, I am not doing that. I decided, at least a couple years now that will not be.”

Shab Don was arrested last October and charged with firearm possession after cops found a gun in a car he was traveling in. The record producer was, however, freed of the charge after prosecutors dropped the charges. His co-defender was, however, sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty.

Dismissed beating the case, Sir P insisted that Shab Don is a prominent member of the criminal underworld in Jamaica and previously questioned why law enforcement is not doing something about him.

“Jamaica is full of acidic people,” Sir P said. “I don’t know if they are the majority or the minority but what I do know is even if every single Jamaican was to take the side of people like the snake and I have to fight this battle alone, so be it. Back in the early days, this movement had no support. People used to laugh and seh a joke ting dis but my desire to see my country a better place is greater than my desire for peace of mind.”

The Politricks Watch vlogger also revealed that other attorneys have attempted to unmask him in the past, so he is not concerned about legal threats. He also shared a screenshot of what appears to be an email he received regarding someone trying to report his channel.

Shab Don has not yet responded to Sir P’s defiance.