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Bobby Shmurda Says Labels Blackballed Him Dropping New Album Fully Independent

Bobby Shmurda
Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda says he is being blackballed by major labels since leaving his deal with Epic Records. As a result, he is dropping his new album without any label backing.

Bobby Shmurda is desperately trying to get his new music into the ears of fans even as he says major labels are trying to blackball him. He made the disclosure ahead of the release of his highly anticipated first album as an independent artist, They Don’t Know.

The New York rapper revealed the album details in a post on Instagram yesterday, April 19, as he also explained that he’s been “dying for y’all to get this work, let’s talk facts.” In the caption, he also revealed that the album would be independent. The post was made alongside what may be the cover art for it.

As fans do, one person was quick to give Shmurda some advice and said that maybe he should hold off on the album until he got a major label to back him.

That’s when Shmurda revealed why he had chosen to go independent: “nah F*** that I got major Lables jumping me Blackballing me and shttttt and I’m from the hood young and rich black as shttt and don’t give a about both and they Scare of me and I love that ishhh. I’m only 27 one year fresh Outta six years they got 400 employees tell them boys stop playing me Homieee and I do no marketing that all my sh*t natural ahhhhh #FThemPeople I’m gone.”


This is not the first time that the rapper has shared his woes trying to regain a place in the hip-hop community. Just last month, the “Splash” rapper revealed on social media that he was able to get out of his deal with Epic Records after pleading with the label to just let him go.

Bobby Shmurda’s upcoming independent album will be his first full-length release since serving a six-year prison sentence for third-degree conspiracy and one count of weapons possession. He’s been active on social media since and is constantly updating his fans about his progress. Fans will be happy to hear what he has in store come April 29.