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Iggy Azalea Calls Out Airline For Kicking Her And Her Baby Off Flight

Iggy Azalea vents about airline kicking her and her baby boy Onyx off of a flight leaving them stranded.

There was no ‘happy landing’ for rapper/singer Iggy Azalea over the Easter weekend as the “Fancy” artiste was reportedly bumped off of a flight, and she is telling the whole world about it. Azalea took to Twitter on Monday to blast American Airlines (AA) and warn the flying public to never travel with them as they do not care what happens to their passengers, especially those with young children.

The Australian artiste was in the mood to vent on social media, and she did as she called out AA for being uncaring and warned future potential passengers to find other airlines that would not treat them as poorly as she felt she was. She tweeted, “I want to tell any families booking travel to be careful flying with young kids on @AmericanAir. I was flying with my son and they sold our seats while the gate was still open then refused to take our bags off the plane although every other flight was sold out for that night.”

Born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, the 31-year-old, had announced during the summer of 2021 that she was taking a break from music after the release of her last album, The End of an Era. She had a son Onyx in 2020 with rapper Playboi Carti. Traveling with a toddler is challenging enough, but when things go wrong, it is enough to cause people, especially celebrities, to vent, which Iggy Azalea did.

She was not through by any means with the airline as she continued, “I explained why stranding me is one thing but taking a babies’ luggage is pretty sh*t . There is stuff he really needs. They do not care. Luckily I booked a different airline but the average person would’ve been a*s out and f**ked. I just wanted to warn other moms….be careful!”

The airline was quick to respond to her allegations as they said they would do their investigations as to what took place. They stated, “We love having families travel with us.” They further promised to do “some digging” into the circumstances surrounding the whole incident and requested that she directly message them to verify her record. Iggy Azalea, however, was not feeling their response and replied that she had already done her part and had the receipts to show it.

“No need to dig into anything. Me and other families have shared our apparently VERY common experience of your airline selling kids seats after check-in, leaving families stranded, refusing to give back luggage etc. Just peep the thread – it’s very on brand for you apparently,” she hit back.