Shenseea Gifted Romeich Land In Kingston Where He Grew Up: “From The lane To The Main”

Shenseea is giving back to Romeich in a big way.

It doesn’t get bigger than real estate when it comes to gift-giving. On the heels of giving Romeich Major and the rest of her team Rolex watches, Shenseea acquired some land across from Romeich Entertainment headquarters on Campbell’s Blvd near Waltham Park Road in Kingston.

Romeich penned a lengthy message to thank Shenseea on Instagram while sharing a video of the parcel of land he revealed he had always wanted to own but was unable to acquire it.

“You all saw @shenseea giving the team watches well I have gotten one of best gift ever She bought me the Land that I could not get that completes me owning the front part of campbells blvd its all happiness and joy #oneteamonedream,” Romeich wrote. “That’s why me tell uno people do good and good will reach uno don’t watch the chatting and negativity Positivity is Key.”

The Romeich Entertainment entrepreneur also thanked his team, his mother, and God for blessing him over the years.

“People look how life good man a born me born and grow ya so inno,” he said in the clip as he inspected the land.

“Waltham Park Road, Campbell’s Boulevard man a down deh so me born and grow,” he continues. “And this a me dream to have this because this a pon the main. So I own the lane to the main and me just a say big up to Shenseea because a she buy this give me yo see that. Yo see that people a one ShenYeng I love you thank you so much. That’s why you should do good because good will reach you.”

Romeich Major was instrumental in bringing Shenseea to the forefront of dancehall music in 2016, thanks in part to her breakout hit “Loodi” with Vybz Kartel. Romeich later shared that he discovered her musical prowess through her social media videos where he saw her singing. Before that, she was a bottle girl for Romeich Entertainment, where he praised her worth ethics, saying that she was one of the hardest working girls on his team.

Since then, Shenseea has flourished into one of the biggest dancehall artistes on the scene currently and is now breaking ground internationally thanks to the success of her debut album, Alpha.

Shenseea recently revealed that she will always remain loyal to her original team and to Romeich, who she credited for taking a chance with her while she was a struggling single mother.