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Kodak Black Going On Tour After Judge Relaxed His Probation Terms

Kodak Black
Kodak Black

Kodak Black is finally going on tour after his lawyer successfully convinced a judge to relax his probation terms.

In spite of his tight parole conditions, it looks like Kodak Black will be hitting the road on tour. The new development follows Judge Jose Martinez’s decision to reject Kodak Black’s bid for early termination of his probation but allow him to travel for work.

According to documents, which were obtained by AllHipHop, the court found that: “Probation opposes early termination because of Defendant’s history of violence and compliance issues during supervised release. Neither the Government nor U.S. Probation, however, oppose converting Defendant’s supervised release to a non-reporting status.”

This switch-up to non-reporting status is good news for the “Roll In Peace” rapper as it means that he will be allowed to travel and tour. That means that Kodak can now market his fourth studio album, Back For Everything.

Further on in the judgment, it was determined that “It is hereby ordered and adjudged that Defendant’s Motion for Early Termination of Supervised Release is denied without prejudice.”

Kodak Black, who still openly admits he’s a Donald Trump supporter, was freed from prison after the former president issued a series of presidential pardons before having to leave the office back in January 2021. At the time, Kodak had already served 21 months in jail for falsifying information in order to buy firearms. While he was freed by Trump, he was ordered to remain on probation.

While Kodak’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, argued that he should be freed from probation because of his behavior, this was rejected as he had already violated it. The violation of the terms of his probation came when he failed a drug test and tested positive for MDMA. That was last December, and he enrolled in a 90-day rehab as penance for his actions.

Kodak Black is currently working on his upcoming album due sometime this year. But in the meantime he is releasing new music and hopping on tracks with other artistes including his recent single with Latto which sparked controversy after she accused him of trying to solicit sexual favors for the collaboration.