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Bow Wow And Jayda Cheaves Reacts To Dating Rumors Amid Lil Baby Split

Jayda Bow Wow
Jayda Cheaves, Bow Wow

Both Bow Wow and Jayda Cheaves have reacted to reports they were texting each other and might be dating, which triggered Lil Baby’s split.

The Millennium Tour rapper has responded to fans who claimed that he was at the center of the latest break-up of Lil Baby and the mother of his child, Jayda Cheaves.

Over the weekend, the couple threw Subliminals at each other as Lil Baby suggested that he caught Jayda Cheaves cheating on him and texting another man. While he didn’t name a man, somehow fans have brought Bow Wow into the mix, causing Jayda to respond on Tuesday where she asked where fans got that information from.

On Wednesday, Bow Wow also took the time to respond to questions by followers who asked if he was responsible for the couple’s split.

One fan asked him if he was involved in any texting controversy this week, to which he responded- “False! I have the upmost respect for lil baby,” Bow Wow began. “Thats not even my get down. We have mutual people who we deal w. I would never.”

He also went on to answer another follower where he said his name gets thrown into situations that he isn’t even aware of.

“Absolutely not,” he said. “I just be minding my business and my name gets thrown in things im not even aware of. Im pose to be the irrelevant rapper so why and how do folks think bow wow when its time to start rumors? I dont get it.”

Jayda also denied that Bow Wow was the person she was texting.

“No shade to Bow Wow, but where are y’all gettin’ that from? It’s not giving that,” she said.

Meanwhile, Lil Baby has not spoken further on the issue, and it’s unclear if the couple is still together.