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Troubling Trevor Noah Tweets On Chris Brown Beating Rihanna Resurfaced Amid Kanye Feud

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is under the social media microscope as some past troubling tweets centered around Chris Brown beating Rihanna have resurfaced.

The feud between Trevor Noah and Kanye West is ongoing, with fans of West digging up the comedian’s past tweets and using it to get him canceled. Old tweets of Noah making fun of the Chris Brown and Rihanna abuse incident has surfaced, causing social media users to call out Noah for being insensitive and making fun of Rihanna.

Weeks ago, Trevor Noah commented on the Kanye West/ Kim Kardashian divorce, calling West’s constant rants on social media and his threats against her boyfriend Pete Davidson “harassment.”

Of course, the commentary was not well-received by West, who has single-handedly taken on several comedians as he dragged them, including Trevor Noah, whom he lambasted online with racist slurs.

“All in together now… K**n baya my lord k**n baya K**n baya my lord K**n baya Oooo’ lord K**n baya,” Kanye captioned a photo of the Daily Show host.

Kanye had also shared a photo of the buried head of Pete from his “Eazy” video and hinted that he’s not done yet as he asked fans, “Ya’ll ready for Coachella.”

It seems that the rapper had planned to use his public appearances to blast his opponents. Among his upcoming appearances are Coachella and the GRAMMYs in April in Las Vegas.

As if anticipating possible backlash from West spiraling out of control on stage, the GRAMMYs announced last week that West is being removed as a performer despite being nominated for Best Rap album and four other nominations.

The GRAMMYs later cited their reason as being precautionary because Noah was the host of the awards show. Noah later commented that he asked that Kanye be “counselled not cancelled” sparking backlash from Kanye West fans.

The commentary on social media did not stop as many called into question Noah’s hypocritical stance commenting on Kim’s situation when he was on Twitter making jokes about Rihanna being abused by Brown.

“Usher can’t dance like he used to. Chris Brown would have beaten Usher if he didn’t beat Rihanna,” one tweet read.

Another tweet read, “Today because of allergies, I woke up and my face was puffy and swollen- I looked like I was in the car with Chris Brown.”

Another cruelly insensitive tweet read, “Chris Brown’s FAME album is NO#1 on iTunes. Rihanna is cancelling shows due to poor sales. I guess he beat her again,” Noah said with a laughing emoji.

The tweets have caused outrage among fans of Rihanna, who remember the artist dealing with the shame and guilt of the abuse inflicted on her, and jokes like Noah’s, of course, can explain why Rihanna had limited her public appearance.

Social media users have been dragging Noah, calling him misogynistic and racist as many felt his treatment towards Rihanna, a black woman, differs from how he feels about Kardashian’s treatment.

“Disappointed that Trevor Noah is feeding into the very misogynistic male perspective that men should be able to treat women poorly to the point of abuse and harassment and still maintain the platform to continue doing so without consequences,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I’m laughing at the thought of how Rihanna is gonna retaliate because she doesn’t ever let this sh*t slide do,” another said.

“Hmm, he felt sorry for plastic kim but joked about Rihanna. Typical. Can him, double standards,” another person said?