Shaggy Samples Ninjaman & Eek-A-Mouse Classics On “Mi Nuh Know” – Listen


Shaggy comes through with a new banger “Mi Nuh Know.”

The Jamaican superstar declared himself a prowess in the bedroom and a don in the Dancehall, apparently addressing detractors for the first time on a track. Much to the surprise of fans and followers, the 53-year-old uttered the F-word twice, maintaining his typical rude boy swag but giving the impression he is getting some unaddressed issues off his chest, all while paying tribute to the “Dancehall Dons” before him.

The song and its accompanying visuals premiered on Friday (March 18) on YouTube. It samples Ninjaman’s 90’s classic “Hortical Don” as well as Eek-A-Mouse’s 1981 hit “Wa-Do-Dem”.

In the first and second verses, the “Boombastic” artiste brags about his bedroom expertise, which is not particularly a new topic in his tunes. “Phenomenon di gal them say mi a di man yuh zimme, love mi up when them see mi/ say them have supm fi gi mi, bring the kitty come and tell mi say mi have the killy killy/She love the way how mi set it, dem ask mi weh mi get eh rude boy style, mi say dat run inna mi family,” he spits.

By the third verse, a seemingly bothered Shaggy, born Orville Burrell, set the record straight about his success and the accolades he’s gained over his many years on the Dancehall scene.

The former US Marine used this verse to remind naysayers who have been playing down his achievements over the years that he is, among other things, Jamaica’s only living Diamond-plus selling artist.

“You know don? Talkin bout di youth Shags man. You know don? Dem a talk bout di Dancehall don. You know don? Di only don weh eva sell diamond. You Know Don?None a dem caan f*ck wid I man,” he spits, sampling his old friend Ninjaman.

Shaggy is one of Dancehall’s most successful artistes, making waves on the local and international scene. But over the years, some fans argued that the “It Wasn’t Me” singer, who holds Jamaica’s Order of Distinction (Commander Class), has not been doing authentic Dancehall.

Other critics claim that his ascension to global success is due to the color of his skin and also big labels backing him, mildly downplaying his immense talent. In 2020 at the Reggae Month’s Jamaica Music Conference, Shaggy tried to ward off such comments. During a panel discussion, he declared that his hard work on the Dancehall scene should not be undermined, as he was not given the easy way out but worked his way to the top.

“Me nah tell you I’m the baddest deejay. Me far from it. But mi a go tell unuh, none a unuh nah go outwork me, it will never happen,” he said.

Shaggy is best known for hits such as “It Wasn’t Me,” “In The Summertime,” “Angel,” and “Boombastic.”