Nicki Minaj & Coi Leray’s “Blick Blick!” Debuts At Top Of iTunes Chart

Coi Leray Nicki Minaj
Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj and Coi Leray are dominating the iTunes chart today with “Blick Blick!” being the most popular song.

They can say what they want to about Nicki Minaj, but they cannot say she ever missed the mark when dropping new music. Indeed, the rapper reminded everyone on Friday, March 18, why she is the queen of the rap kingdom and is not looking to be dethroned any time soon.

The “Anaconda” entertainer, alongside fellow rapper Coi Leray, gave fans some new music at midnight, and like all good and faithful subjects, they eagerly got their coffee brewed and stayed up to hear the new track entitled “Blick Blick!”. The official lyric video was released on Coi’s YouTube channel. Meanwhile, the official video will drop later on in the day at noon on the 18th. Thankfully fans can fill their ears using the streaming platform of their choice until the highly-anticipated video is released.

Released by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, “Blick Blick!” comes hard and heavy though at first, there was some doubt as to whether or not the song was even going to be released as the record label and Nicki Minaj were initially at odds.

Coi Leray’s father, Benzino, had let it slip that his daughter had an upcoming track with Nicki, following which Nicki quickly pulled the plug. With all that now sorted, fans of both artistes finally get the opportunity to revel in nothing but the music, and it is good. Minaj is on her A-game as her verses are extended, wherein she leaves it all out there. With her signature baby doll voice, she delivers killer lyrics that are sick for days, spitting like only she does with some run-ons that you do not see coming and are not prepared for.

Nicki spits, “All these pr stunts, but bi**h, you ain’t puertorriqueña (‘queña) Fresh ‘do, guess who? Drip, need a wetsuit / One and the two, give a f**k about the next few Step one, cross me, there won’t be a step two.”

Coi Leray, 24, copped a big win with this collaboration and her hook has a smooth flow to it. She was no slouch in giving it up with the opening chorus and then the first verse of the track.

She raps, “Yeah, want another ni**a, I go fishing, baby (I go fishing) /Yeah, I never let these broke a*s ni**as fix me, baby (never let these ni**as fix me, baby) / Yeah, I hop on top and ride that d**k, he actin’ lazy Get this pu**y soakin’ wet, it’s drippin’ like a navy.”

Fans are already declaring it a certified hit as the overall consensus is that the flow and versatility are unmatched. One person shared, “Before I talk about how well Nicki murdered this track, let me address what makes her a distinct queen in this industry. The way she shows love to those young rappers make her to be the real queen of rap! She’s amazing and always killing every track she’s on.”

Another user chimed in, “I made sure I stayed up late to hear this masterpiece. I’m so happy that Coi got a song with Nicki Minaj, she deserves it. They both ate this song up! Nicki Minaj does it time and time again! Her consistency and pen game is insane! Made every bar count like always.”

Watch “Blick Blick!” video below.