Sean Paul Applauds Shenseea, Koffee For Experimenting With New Sound: “I encourage it fully”

Shenseea Sean Paul
Shenseea, Sean Paul

Sean Paul had good things to say about Shenseea, Koffee and other female dancehall artistes experimenting with new sound.

Shenseea‘s debut album, Alpha, has received rave reviews from fans and veterans alike. Many have praised her approach to recording the album, including her decision to diversify her sound. One veteran that is thoroughly impressed is Sean Paul.

The international dancehall star spoke with the Jamaica Star recently and explained that he is quite proud of the approach that she took, even if it differs from his style. The multi-talented songwriter, producer, and performer are well known for their out-of-the-box approach when creating hits.

While Sean Paul said he maintains dancehall as the core for his tracks, he shares his respected Shenseaa for experimenting with other sounds.

“As I have said in recent times, I do dancehall. My dancehall goes pop and no matter what people want to think of my music, that is how I look at it. How Shen is looking at it, is a little different. She wants to do dancehall and also other things,” he continued.

From his experience, he believes that Shenseea has what it takes to go all the way and become an internationally known name in dancehall. The “No Lie” artist further explained that he believes this because he worked with her producing songs that have not come out as yet. They also worked together on a track called “Rolling,” produced by Romeich Entertainment-signed producer Khalfani.

Sean Paul added that her versatility might very well turn out to be one of her greatest assets, as when this is combined with her remarkable work ethic, it is a recipe for success.

The dancehall legend also said that this seems to be the direction that many female artists are going in, and he is in support of it.


“Also, in the past couple of years, we see most of the women are doing their thing, like Shenseea. You have Koffee, Spice, Ishawna, Jada Kingdom and then females like Lanae and Naomi Cowan, dem a come up — all of them singing and writing their hearts out — by experimenting and I encourage it fully. I love how it’s developing,” he added.

To that end, he intends to continue his support of women in dancehall and music in general. He’s already demonstrated that he has no problem working with women in the music industry, having put down tracks with the likes of some major international acts like Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Sia.

Locally he’s linked up with Spice on “Go Down Deh” and recently with Shenseea on Alpha with “Lying If I Call It Love.”

For Sean Paul, collaborating like this is the only way for the dancehall genre to grow and reach the heights that it most definitely can. Paul added that instead of constantly criticizing females in dancehall, more support should be shown for their tireless efforts.

“Big up the women of dancehall and reggae… it’s been like a male-dominated sport, so to speak, for years and to see the younger ladies taking up to the steps of Sister Nancy, Lady G, and Lady Saw, is amazing,” he added.

The “Get Busy” deejay will put his money where his mouth is soon as his upcoming album Scorcha is expected to feature several female collaborators, including a track with both Shenseea and international pop star Gwen Stefani.