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Kanye West Lawyers Up Heads To Court For Custody Amid Kim Kardashian Co-Parenting Feud

Kim Kanye North Saint
Kim Kardashian / IG

Kanye West has hired a new lawyer as he prepares to challenge the 50/50 custody arrangement with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian with whom the children live.

Kanye West has been airing his grievances as he claims that he is not allowed to see his children and that his daughter North West has been kept away from attending his popular Sunday Service held every Sunday.

Over the past few days, Ye has been calling out Kardashian and claiming that she was trying to cut him out of his role as a father in the lives of his “black children” as he insinuates that the Kardashians are “godless” and will cause his children to become so.

According to TMZ, the rapper has hired a new lawyer to help him cement a custody schedule with Kim. Kaye West is heading to court to have a judge decide on custody arrangement and schedule for each parent with the children. His attorney Samantha Spector is taking on the custody issue.

The couple is finalizing the details of their divorce as a judge recently granted Kim Kardashian a motion to revert to her single status. Issues of custody and shared assets are still to be assessed by the court. However, the children have been staying with Kim in the couple’s former family home in Calabasas, California but have been traveling to see their father, including when he lived on a ranch in Wyoming.

The Donda rapper has moved back to California, buying a house opposite Kim’s home to be closer to his children, but he has been traveling frequently to Miami and abroad.

However, whatever arrangement was between the couple is not working out as Kanye complained about his children. On Tuesday, he addressed several media reports reporting on his grouses with the current custody arrangements.

“Us weekly My kids were not allowed to come to Sunday Service This the fifth time she did this Tying to gas light me What the hell is wrong with you godless people She say I took my kids to school and y’all forget that she just didn’t let my kids come to church?” Kanye blasted US weekly which reported that Kim called out the rapper for lying that he was only allowed to see North a week ago when he was there on Monday morning to take them to school.

“This is the post I was bashed for Tell me how to be the best dad when the mom is trying to sh*t on you after not letting you see your kids And I love how I have no celebrity “friends” that will speak up on my behalf YALL just watching OK cool,” the rapper posted on his Instagram account.

In another post, he also addressed a Perez Hilton blog post for alleging that he lied that he isn’t allowed to see the children. “What did I lie about? I am “allowed” to see my kids YALL soooo mad that I can’t be written off as abuser or a stalker YALL soooo mad that SKETE showed who he really is Right before the Hulu trailer dropped I’m not a bad guy Kim’s not a bad person Kids want parents to stay together but Hulu needed a new narrative,” he said implying that the Kardashian family was creating drama for their upcoming Hulu show.

Kanye also addressed OK Magazine, which reported on his claim that the children are not allowed to be with him.