Beenie Man’s Baby Mamas D’Angel & DHQ Carlene Showcases Love & Friendship

Beenie Angel Carlene
Beenie Man, D’Angel DHQ Carlene

It’s all love between Beenie Man’s baby mamas D’Angel and former Dancehall Queen Carlene Smith.

As far as dancehall beef go, some are created by fans while others are more obvious. The perceived one between D’Angel and Dancehall Queen Carlene, who both have children for veteran Beenie Man, seems to have been created by fans.

It at least looks that way after D’Angel was spotted at Carlene’s “Dancehall Tuesday,” which was held earlier this week at the MECA, Market Place, in St Andrew. D’Angel wasn’t just spotted in the crowd either but on stage, where she delivered her Vybz Kartel collaboration “Baby Father” accompanied by Carlene.

The two women are actually fans of each other, and both support each other’s business ventures. For example, D’Angel is a fan of Carlene’s sweet potato pudding business, while Carlene has made it known that she’s an avid fan of D’Angel’s Xposed lingerie brand.

Carlene explained to the Weekend Star that the two shared a close relationship since they met before D’Angel even became that persona. She went on to explain further that she met D’Angel, whose real name is Michelle Downer, when she was a part of a group that was performing at an event called Sashi.

Beenie Man daughter Carlene
Beenie Man, DHQ Carlene & Daughter Crystal

Therefore the start of their friendship had nothing to do with Beenie Man.

“She had a photoshoot and when she got there, they wanted something else and I had some clothes in my car so I put it onto her and pinned up the back because she was tinier than she is even now and we did the photoshoot,” Carlene revealed.

The two did have a small back and forth, but that was all due to miscommunication. This was after D’Angel was already married, Beenie Man. D’Angel explained that Carlene reacted to a rumor that was spread but that she was very young, and her reaction was perfectly normal.

Added to that, according to D’Angel, when she was with Beenie, Carlene was with somebody else, and she had already left the “Old Dog” singer ten years before. In the end, both women decided that the miscommunication was not worth their children having a close relationship.

“My son loves and adores his sister, they love each other. I think that is what really got me and Carlene to have this great relationship and for us to be so supportive of each other, because Marco Dean and his sister [Crystal] support each other so immensely, so it just transitioned to the parents. The love is genuine,” she added.