Shenseea Confirms She’s In A Relationship, Talks Drake & London On Da Track


Shenseea confirms that she is in a relationship with someone while address recent rumors about her involvement with Drake and London On Da Track.

When it comes to Drake, it seems that the outrageous rumors follow him. Long before the pepper sauce saga popped up was the allegation that the Canadian-born rapper had impregnated Shenseea and the two argued about her having an abortion.

On Friday, on the day Shenseea is celebrating the release of her debut album Alpha, the singer addressed the disgusting rumor while also denying that she and London on The Track were together.

According to Shenseea, she and London On Da Track work together, but there isn’t any romantic involvement.

“You know I hold hands with everybody on my team, like my managers, everybody,” she said about the photo at the Super Bowl where she was seen hand in hand with London.

“You know London is on my team right? London is a cool dude to me, we’ve been working together, we’ve been making music and nobody and when I say nonody, I mean nobody knows who I’m dating publicly,” she said.

The 25-year old deejay also shared a tidbit about her romantic life as she disclosed that she is in a relationship with someone.

“Yea I’m into somebody for sure, It’s been going good, real cool dude,” she said.

Knowing Shenseea, the mystery guy will be unseen unless her determined fans go out on a limb to find him.

Meanwhile, Shenseea also addressed the rumor that she and Drake were involved and that she became pregnant and later had an abortion.

Shenseea & Drake

“That’s a lie, like listen, Me and Drake we never even kissed much less for him to get me pregnant,” she responded to Angela Yee on the Breakfast Club.

Sometime last year, reports surfaced on the internet with suspicious screenshots showing text messages purported to be between the Jamaican deejay and the Toronto rapper. The texts showed an exchange allegedly between Shenseea and Drake, with them talking about her having an abortion and reportedly using the “One Dance” rapper for “clout.”

Neither Shensee nor Drake addressed the rumors, but according to Shen, she said the reports long before it blew up, but she was helpless in stopping it.

“You know the weirdest thing is, I saw the article online and send it to one of my managers, and I was like ‘Can people really just lie on me like this? Like everything in the article and it came to my attention that everything that that person wrote about me is a lie.”

She added that the same person had written disparaging things about her online, but her legal team was unable to do anything.

“Like telling people that I don’t work for promoters, I don’t do shows for promoters now, I only do my own shows, it’s just ridiculous stuff man, I was like yow you going to hell!” she said.

“I don’t know the person. So I hit my legal person like ‘how can we get this down’ that was even before it blew up. I saw it before it even blew up because someone sent it to me. I saw it and they were like ‘no, people really can just do that’, and I was like that’s unfair, that’s very unfair because none of this is untrue,” she added.

She continued, “On top of it, I was grieving because my mom died and it was my mom’s death month and I came off social media for a whole month and this is what people were saying about me it’s just like I’m not coming on social media just to address this.”

Shenseea released her debut album on Friday, with guest appearances from artists like Tyga, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Offset, and Megan Thee Stallion.