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Lil Durk Welcomes Gucci Mane’s NBA YoungBoy Diss Track “Publicity Stunt”

Lil Durk YoungBoy Gucci
Lil Durk, NBA YoungBoy, Gucci Mane

Lil Durk gave Gucci Mane his stamp of approval for dissing NBA YoungBoy on his new song “Publicity Stunt.”

Gucci Mane seemingly responded to NBA Youngboy in the ongoing beef between the two on Thursday night as he appeared to tease a diss song while also setting the record straight. In an Instagram Live, Guwop made it clear that he was not here for beef and that he was ready to handle things if it went that way.

“Step to me f**k n*** I would love to n****. Imma smoke you!” he began.

“You know what’s going on with me, Yea, I aint gon tell nobody not even the police, I don’t believe in none of that sh*t…only thing I believe in is don’t tell the police,” Gucci said while relaxing.

The Atlanta rap veteran also shared a carousel of photos on Instagram wearing a bright lemon color with a notable caption reading, “I feel like I’m Gucci Mane in 2006”.

The caption is actually part of lyrics from an NBA Youngboy track, “Make No Sense.”

Around midnight Gucci Mane released “Publicity Stunt” as he dealt a lyrical blow to NBA Youngboy as he took shots at the rapper’s music and lifestyle. “Say you got hits, but look, you in the slumps/Say that you rich, but you live in the dumps.”

The chorus also took on the same type of violent lyrics that NBA Youngboy released. “He’s tryna pull a publicity stunt/These rappers be pu***, they bleed once a month/Don’t speak on my name, don’t get put in a blunt/You can diss all you want, still won’t get a response,” he raps.

Gucci Mane’s response comes after NBA Youngboy released a diss song “I hate Youngboy” late last month in which he dissed Lil Durk, the late King Von, Gucci Mane, Lil Baby, 21 Savage, and Boosie, Apple Music, and even Durk’s fiancée India Royale.

YoungBoy’s diss towards Durk’s O-Block affiliation was not taken too kindly. “That ‘clean up on aisle O’ line was so disrespectful. This won’t end well,” one fan said online.

In the meantime, NBA Youngboy also released a new track on Thursday night featuring DaBaby “Better Than You” but did not directly address Gucci Mane, only referring vaguely to his critics.

Lil Durk shared Gucci Mane video on his Instagram Story while writing his recent song title in which he also diss NBA YoungBoy. The new year seem to have ushered in a new era of beefs among new school rappers who seem to be pulling in some of the veterans like Gucci Mane. Let’s hope they keep it lyrical or else this will not end well.