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NBA Youngboy’s Mom Sherhonda Says She Has 12 Grandchildren All Under 5 Years Old

NBA YoungBoy mother
NBA YoungBoy & Sherhonda Gaulden

NBA YoungBoy’s mother, Sherhonda Gaulden, says she has 12 grandchildren and maintains a good relationship with their mothers.

While she did not confirm how many of her grandbabies are fathered by NBA YoungBoy, we know the vast majority is for the rapper. If anything, this gives you an idea of just how many kids YB has at the age of 22. We can confirm at least eight, including a baby boy named Kentrell Gaulden Jr., with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Yaya Mayweather. The Baton Rouge rapper also has a child with his current girlfriend, Jazlyn Mychelle.

“I have 12 grandchildren all under 5 I have to have a relationship ship [sic] with their mothers until there old enough to come and call on their own until then I love them all,” Sherhonda Gaulden wrote on her Facebook page on Wednesday.

In case you feel the urge to criticize NBA YoungBoy, remember he rakes in $17 million per year in revenue from his YouTube channel alone. Thus he can more than afford to take care of all his kids plus ensure his mother lives comfortably.

The simple joys of having a family have not been lost on NBA Youngboy, as he spends time with his girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle and their newborn baby, who they welcomed in September 2021.

The Youtuber and Instagram influencer decided to show her beau some love on the gram when she shared the family photos and a compilation clip of Youngboy. The rapper has been staying off social media and, for the most part, has left his producer Jason “Cheese” Goldberg to give most of the updates on what will be taking place during his absence.

“PSA: A select few songs probably (maybe) will drop from now until then but Top will not be seen or heard from into his album approximately #6months from now. We have some amazing songs for you thank you for everything #RockPeace #ForeverBro,” Cheese wrote.

His post came after Youngboy seemingly dissed and taunted the likes of NLE Choppa and Lil Durk on one of his latest records which were released while still being on house arrest in Utah. More controversy has been following the rapper after one of his houses was raided by police. The house in question is located in Texas and is supposedly where the rapper’s mom Sherhonda Gaulden, stays. The raid seemed to be a successful one for law enforcement after SWAT teams apprehended three men at the premises.

NBA YoungBoy/IG

Despite a myriad of problems, including his run-ins with the law and the accusations from one of his baby mamas that he kicked out their toddler, NBA Youngboy seems to be all smiles in the recent photos uploaded by Jaz. The Youtuber has seemingly been at the forefront of the artiste’s recovery in recent years. She appeared following a troubled 2020 and has been holding it down with the rapper ever since. Over the years, she has shared a handful of photos, with all seemingly showing Youngboy in either a calm relaxing state or one of fun and laughter.